Trump-Hating Actor Michael Rapaport Says That Voting for Trump is an Option

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious disorder affecting the mental health of millions of Americans all over the country. As of this writing, the only official cure for this devastating disease of the mind is the hard truth. 


Those who take this form of treatment have reported uncontrollable crying, feelings of despair as they realize that facts don’t care about their feelings, mourning over the reality that the worldview they ascribed to for decades was a farce, and suddenly using phrases such as “based” and “red-pilled.”

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It seems that actor Michael Rapaport, a hardcore anti-Trumper, might be receiving the cure after posting a video on X/Twitter where he says that voting for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election is now an option for him, despite years and years of spewing hatred about the former president on a regular basis. This dude is liberal to the core, but when you get a glimpse of what he’s saying right now, it really does seem that reality is setting in. 

Now, keep in mind that he still hates Trump; however, he’s recognized that President Joe Biden is incapable of doing anything to bring back to order all of the chaos his policies have caused. No, such an act requires someone who has more than two functioning brain cells, and, with an intimate knowledge of how the capitalist free market system works, who better for that job than Trump?

Have you been to the grocery store lately? Just buying a few basic necessities requires you to take out a personal loan. In order to qualify for that personal loan you have to have collateral and the only thing it seems financial institutions are accepting these days are souls. 

Anyway, in a video he published on YouTube, Rapaport said:


Lemme tell you something, things don’t get straightened out in this f****** world ASAP, and I know Smokin’ Joe [Biden] ain’t said the right things about Israel, but when I’m seeing motherf****** in New York City … rip down U.N. flags, rip down Israeli flags, rip down American flags on Veterans Day… When the economy is the way the economy is… And I know Smokin’ Joe has done some things — I know. But I’m telling you right now … go check what it’s like to buy a car, buy a house. The money. The f****** chaos in this country. The chaos around the world.

According to a report from Breitbart:

Assuming his moral evolution is real and not just click-whoring, Rapaport explains that — and this is my interpretation of his ten-minute rant — that the left’s reaction to Israel, this open support of Hamas among the left and the left’s tolerance for this open support, is so disturbing he’s thinking about voting for Trump.

“The adrenaline people have shown hating all things Jewish, hating all things Israel in the last five plus weeks is frightening,” Rapaport states in the video. “It’s discouraging. It’s shocking. It’s confusing. It’s disturbing.”

Rapaport is also not falling for all of the ceasefire garbage that so many on the left are continuing to push. During his massive rant, he notes that Hamas has been open and honest about its intent to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, which sounds like it might not be interested in a ceasefire. Just an educated guess. 


“If it comes down to pig d**k Donald Trump and Smokin’ Joe Biden, I’m sorry, I am sorry, voting for pig d**k Donald Trump is on the table… We need to get this whole f****** situation under control,” the actor finished. 

Now, before we all get hopeful that this means that Rapaport is being fully red-pilled, he’ll be voting for the Democrat if Biden is removed as the party’s nominee over the course of the election. He’s not in favor of conservative principles as a whole but has recognized that the current path is bad news. 

However, this is a good sign that the comedian has his eyes open a tiny bit. Perhaps, if good folks get into a civilized conversation with him on the important topics of the day, he might continue down the path toward the truth. That would be great, especially with a large platform like his. He would be able to help red pill so many people in our country, which is a phenomenon that is happening with more frequency these days, thanks to the spectacular failure of the Biden administration.

One thing we should all be able to agree on is that the policies Biden and his administration are pushing will only end in the nation’s collapse. We can’t afford a second term.

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