HEATED debate: Do women belong in the NFL?

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Last Sunday, Blaze News published an article on Jason Whitlock, Warren Sapp, and Marshall Faulk’s debate over whether opportunities are given or created, especially when it comes to former black athletes in the NFL.

Sapp and Faulk’s opinions diverged strongly from Whitlock’s insistence that the lack of former black athletes in high-up positions in the NFL is a direct result of their victimhood mentality.

However, their disagreement didn’t end there.

The conversation shifted to women in the NFL.

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“Y’all are sitting around pretending y’all can’t get an opportunity … but y’all are saying nothing as they inject all these women into the NFL,” fired Whitlock, explaining that in recent years, the NFL has added female sideline judges, assistant coaches, and executives despite the fact that the NFL was built by and designed for men.

Faulk thinks that the root of this shift can be found in the industry of journalism.

“It all started when the expert opinion about playing a sport and how to play a sport” fell into the hands of journalists, Faulk explains, adding that “when you don’t actually have to do something to be an expert, then everybody can do it,” which then opened the door for women in a traditionally all-male sport.

But Whitlock doesn’t think that’s the issue.

To hear how their debate plays out, watch the clip below.

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