PIGS FLY: Unhinged, Abrasive, Anti-Trump Actor Now Says He May Vote for Trump


We certainly didn’t have this on our 2023 bingo card!

Unhinged, lunatic, Trump-hating actor, Michael Rappaport, now says he may vote for Trump.

When you lost this nut – You know you’re losing!

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Michael Rapport: If it comes down to Pig Dick Donald Trump and smoking Joe Biden, I’m sorry. I am sorry. Voting for Pig Dick Donald Trump is on the table. I’m sorry. I’m fucking. I’ll still call him Slob Dick Donald Trump, Pig Dick Donald Trump and all that, but we need to get this whole fucking situation under control.

Welcome to the flock, Brother Rappaport.
We hope you like it here.

Via Midnight Rider.

This metamorphosis has taken awhile. But he finally worked his way out of that paper bag.

Even Vulgar Actor Michael Rappaport Knows Democrats Are Plumb Crazy with Their New “Defund All Police” Movement (VIDEO)

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