DNC headquarters evacuated after anti-Israel protest turns violent, US House buildings on lockdown

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Police arrested several protesters against Israel after they turned violent and forced the evacuation of Democrats from the Democrat National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Capitol Police posted an update about the arrests on Wednesday evening.

“Right now our officers are working to keep back approximately 150 people who are illegally and violently protesting in the area of Canal Street and Ivy Street, SE. Officers are making arrests,” read the

“All Members have been evacuated from the area,” they added. “Please stay away from the area.”

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Just after 10 p.m., the account
posted that all protesters had been cleared out but that officers were staying out of an abundance of caution.

Video from the protest earlier in the evening showed pro-Gaza protesters chanting “ceasefire now!” before police used force to remove them from the DNC.

Rep. Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California, posted on social media about being evacuated from the protest.

“Was just evacuated from the #DNC after pro-terrorist, anti-#Israel protestors grew violent, pepper spraying police officers and attempting to break into the building,” wrote Sherman. “Thankful to the police officers who stopped them and for helping me and my colleagues get out safely.”

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida posted a message indicating that all buildings of the U.S. House had been placed on lockdown, but they were later returned to normal operations.

A group named If Not Now claimed responsibility for the violent protest and said on social media, “The killing has to stop. We will not be ignored.”

They added in a second post, “We want to be crystal clear to the Democratic Party: you cannot continue to ignore those you claim to represent. The people will not allow it.”

Here’s a news report about the incident:

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