Caitlyn Jenner Rips Biden for Meeting With China’s President While Hamas Holds Americans Hostage

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Caitlyn Jenner, once known as the Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, ripped into President Joe Biden, referring to him — correctly — as the “world’s weakest leader” for basically doing nothing to get American hostages back from Hamas, while puckering up to Chinese President Xi Jinping. 


It makes sense when you think about it. How much money has Biden made from likely participating in an influence-peddling scheme while serving as vice president that bent over backward for China? A whole lot. 

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Jenner, a former reality television star, let Biden have it in a post published on X/Twitter on Tuesday. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when someone like Jenner is able to rip you to shreds for being the weakest leader of any country in the world. I mean, even someone suffering from a mental illness can clearly see that Biden is not fit for duty as president. 

The post from Jenner quoted another tweet from former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who had taken a shot of his own at the president for not taking action to help American hostages held in Gaza.

You can almost guarantee that if these hostages were being held in Iran, Biden and other crazy leftists would be falling all over themselves to offer big bucks in exchange for our people. So what is the hold up here? It’s hard to tell if this mess is the result of incompetence or an effort to help achieve more of the progressive agenda. 


One thing’s for sure. Biden is a national embarrassment. We’re talking about a guy who cannot even traverse a simple flight of stairs or walk across a stage without bumbling around like he’s on the set of a Three Stooges film. He mumbles incoherently and comes off like an angry old codger who needs a cup of pudding and a nap. An 80-year-old man who cannot find his way through the front door of the White House definitely does not exude an image of strength. 

To make matters worse, this sort of public image has only served to embolden those who pose legitimate threats to our country’s security, as well as to our position on the geopolitical stage. In fact, Xi has been doing a whole lot of flexing, as the kids say, especially when it comes to its neighbor Taiwan. 

Interestingly, Jenner endorsed former President Donald Trump for the White House in the 2024 election, saying in a post on X/Twitter, “It’s abundantly clear Trump is the only candidate that knows what it takes to win a general. He is able to thread the line on social issues to appeal to ALL AMERICANS—not just the base. he has built a big tent party—a coalition of support the GOP hasn’t seen in decades.” 


Trump is pretty much the polar opposite of Biden. Masculinity and strength tend to gush out of his pores. During his presidency, you did not see the kind of global instability you see right now with Biden in the Oval Office. China was quiet, and so were North Korea and our other enemies. They knew they couldn’t mess with Trump. He wouldn’t take this kind of crap from their respective countries. 

Whether or not Trump is the next president, let’s hope we at least have a strong leader like him in office to help keep things in order at home and abroad.

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