So, When CAN We Talk About the Disturbing, Out-of-Proportion Black-on-White Wave of Violence?

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A 17-year-old student in Las Vegas who was viciously attacked last week has died. You probably didn’t hear his name because the gruesome details of his gang-associated murder fly in the face of the Marxists’ “ignore-your-eyes” narrative that there is nothing more frightening than an angry white man.


Jonathan Lewis was attacked by about 15 teens for defending a smaller child outside his high school. He died one week later.

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“A couple attacked him, and they weren’t able to hurt him enough, and they all attacked him at once,” Lewis’s dad stated.

INCONVENIENT FACT-O-RAMA! White people outnumber black people five to one, but black folks kill more than twice as many white people every year as whites kill black people. However, CNN would never let something as annoying as the truth stop them from sowing hate. What could go wrong? 

Lewis, who was white, was seriously injured by a mob of 15 people, all of whom are reportedly black. They attacked Lewis, knocked him to the ground, and kicked him into oblivion. First responders took him to a local hospital, where Lewis was placed on life support.

Lewis was taken off life support one week later and died.

“This horrific tragedy is reflective of the divisive, conflict-based, uncaring state that our society and humanity are currently facing, “Lewis’s father stated on a GoFundMe set up for funeral expenses. “Empathy and love are great strength, and cowardly violence is pathetic. We denounce violence as a means to resolve sociological conflict.”


Lewis is the latest victim of the black-on-white violence ignored by the lefty news outlets. but not the only one.

You probably didn’t hear about this mob attack, which is odd considering how many people videotaped it.

FACT-O-RAMA! There are at least 12 books about Emmett Till, who was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955. There are no books about Dorothy Dow, 83, who was beaten by four black people in Georgia in 2016. They broke her arms, set her on fire, and cut her phone cord. She survived (briefly) by dousing herself with water from her CPAP machine and using a cell phone to call 911. She died two weeks later.

Last year, three black men beat Ethan Liming to death at LeBron James’s I Promise School in Akron, OH. They continued to stomp his head after he was unconscious. When Liming’s friends tried to take him to the hospital, the killers stole the car. Later, they bragged about killing Liming.

They were only charged with involuntary manslaughter. Two were acquitted, and one case ended in a mistrial.

“The people who have the power to stand up for my son are not doing it, so it’s up to me as a father to speak for my son who cannot speak for himself,” Ethan’s dad declared.

Recently in Chicago, a white driver in a Tesla was attacked during a “teen takeover” night in Chicago, which is Marxspeak for a violent mob of young black people.


None of these stories involve the tragic and brutal violence against Asian people. And none seem to get covered by the mainstream media.

The lefty-dominated news outlets, which are busy trying to convince people that, as LeBron James stated, white people are hunting black people every time they leave home, ignore and downplay the reality of racial violence in the U.S.

FACT-O-RAMA! In 2019, black people killed no less than 566 white people. (These crimes involve one victim, one suspect, and an arrest. Gang assaults or murders that go unsolved are not included). This means white people are “hunted” to the tune of 1.55 murders per day. White people killed 246 blacks  – or 0.7 per day — under the same conditions that year. 

Deceased author Colin Flaherty, who presciently authored several books about the wildly out-of-proportion crime rate, once wrote:

As long as black people are permanent victims of relentless white racism, cops should not chase them, juries should not convict them, judges should not sentence them, schools should not punish them, and white victims should not complain about the black crime and violence so wildly out of proportion. This is what a growing number of lawmakers, professors and, of course, reporters are prescribing as a way to “improve the way our system serves justice.”

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Facts show us the reality of racial violence in the U.S., but talking about it — which is necessary to end it — is hard to do. Racist apologists from the left will continue to push sepia-toned photographs of long-ago atrocities committed against black people. Anyone who talks about today’s violence will be labeled a “racist,” and white and Asian folks will continue to pay the mostly unreported price of a real rage based on bogus information. That is the ultimate goal of the Marxists who are looking to topple our nation from the inside.


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