Harwood says journalists must better communicate that the ‘economy is doing well’ and Biden ‘is handling the job effectively’

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Self-described “journalist” John Harwood issued a post on social media asserting that journalists should do a better job communicating that the nation’s “economy is doing well” and that President Joe Biden “is handling the job effectively.”

Harwood also described former President Donald Trump as having a “deranged mental state” and accused him of “flagrant criminality.”

“Biden needs expert political guidance. voters are unhappy. Trump could win despite his flagrant criminality and deranged mental state,” Harwood wrote, adding, that “journalists need to better convey 2 realities,” including that “the US economy is doing well, not poorly” and that “Biden at 80 is handling the job effectively right now.”

Americans have been contending with the financial burdens caused by inflation, and Biden is underwater in job approval polling.

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“Realities but tough sells,” someone wrote in response to Harwood. “When a restaurant tells me this I think the economy is doing poorly,” the person wrote, sharing a photo of a notice in which a restaurant alerted customers about a surcharge as it contends with upward pressures on the cost of doing business.

Harwood replied, “I’m not talking about sales, which is the job of campaign strategists,” adding, “I’m talking about reporting what’s true, which is the job of journalists,” he wrote. He continued, “boom or bust, there’s never a time when many, many Americans/businesses don’t struggle to make ends meet.” He then added, “the issue is compared to what.”

Mark Hemingway pushed back against the notion that the economy is doing well. “The job of journalists here is not to sway elections, much less traffic in overtly dishonest talking points. The economy is pretty bad and Biden is responsible for many of the problems,” Hemingway tweeted.

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