‘I’ve Been a Left-Winger All My Life. Now I Realize How Naïve I Was.’

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The Oct. 7 Hamas massacre in Israel and its aftermath have been a comprehensive wake-up call. Most notably, they’ve revealed that leftist and Islamic groups have been preparing for this moment for years and have been able to mobilize, all across the nation, a massive demonstration of support for Hamas and hatred for Israel. There has, however, also been movement on the other side: many leftists are discovering the sheer horror of what they’ve been supporting all these years and are bidding adieu to the left. 


One of these former leftists is Sofie Berzon Mackie, an Israeli woman who lived just under two miles from the Gaza border. The UK’s Daily Mail profiled Mackie on Saturday, noting that Mackie would sometimes jog toward the border and look into Gaza: “She would see the city, see the sea and be filled with the hope of peace one day – certain that there were mothers just like her on the other side of the fence who wanted peace, too.” 

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This is the sort of thing that makes leftism so attractive to so many people: while the more realistic side is warning of dangers and threats, leftists are talking love, peace, and reconciliation. It would be wonderful if the same spirit animated the enemies to whom leftists love to reach out, but it does not, as Mackie discovered to her horror on Oct. 7. 

Now Mackie says: “I’ve been a left-winger all my life. I don’t believe in violence. I always wanted co-existence. Even in our darkest hours, I told my children that in Gaza there were mothers like me, and children like them, and they are not the devil. Now I realize how naïve I was.”

Mackie may have been naïve, but leftists in general are something more than just that; they’re in an out-and-out war against reality. That’s what makes them so dangerous. A woman at the Gaza border hoping that those on the other side will drop their genocidal rhetoric and become her friends is one thing; an American administration that demands that Israel behave as if the genocidal rhetoric weren’t happening and that the people across the border are already friends is quite another. 


The Biden regime’s stance toward Israel is much like its stance on the trans madness: both are based upon fantasy and a resolute rejection of obvious fact. And both are pushed upon those who disagree with threats: in a manner akin to how opponents of the fantasy that men can become women are vilified as “bigots” and deplatformed, Biden’s handlers are now ratcheting up the pressure upon Israel to agree to a ceasefire that will allow Hamas to regroup or the world’s lone Jewish state could be completely isolated in an increasingly hostile world.

Mackie also says: “There is still a part of me that wants peace, of course I do. But these monsters – Hamas – have to be defeated.” That’s true. As the old saying goes, a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality. And here we are. 

Mackie goes on, however, to say this: “And the world has to help us.” That would be nice, but unfortunately, all too much of the world has imbibed the idea that Israel is somehow illegitimate and that efforts to eradicate it, or at least to reduce the already tiny state to an even smaller size, are justified. 

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Mackie was spot-on, however, when she said: “What they did happened once. It happened to us. But it could happen to you, too.” Yes, it could, and far too few Americans realize that. Hardly any commentators who have weighed in on the Hamas-Israel conflict since Oct. 7 have bothered to inform Americans that Hamas holds to exactly the same ideology, motives, and goals as al-Qaeda. Those who hit us on 9/11 and those who hit Israel on Oct. 7 both want exactly the same thing: the destruction not just of the government they attacked, but of all non-Muslim governments and the imposition of Islamic law worldwide.


Add in to that the Biden regime’s open Southern border and the number of known jihad terrorists who have been caught trying to take advantage of it, and you’ve got a disaster in the making. Meanwhile, our law enforcement and intelligence apparatus is busy hunting for Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” and “white supremacist terrorists.” All this makes it likely that when the massive jihad attack on American soil does come, it will be one of the foremost accomplishments of the Biden regime.

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