Bill Maher completely disagrees with Jordan Peterson’s take on Israel

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Jordan Peterson is known for bringing order to chaos. His take on what’s happening in Israel is no different.

“I think you can lay a fair bit of what happened in Israel on Biden’s plate,” Peterson told Bill Maher on a panel.

Maher looked at him, confused.

“I know that the Saudis were hot to sign the Abraham Accords two years ago,” Peterson continued, adding that he has “more than a sneaking suspicion that the reason they weren’t pursued more assiduously [was] because it would have meant giving Trump some credit for something that happened during his term.”

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“I know that the Iranians are fomenting dissent in Palestine through Hamas to pressure the Jews into doing something” that will “split the Arab world,” Peterson added.

Peterson believes you can “put a fair bit of that at the feet of the Democrats.”

“Biden also alienated the Saudis,” he continued, noting that when Biden spoke to them, he “pushed them into the arms of China.”

“We had a chance there to make peace,” he added.

A New York Times reporter who was also on the panel took that as an opportunity to poke fun at Peterson, saying, “I’m surprised to learn that Biden has started two wars, in Ukraine and in Israel, because I was thinking it was Putin and Hamas.”

Maher noted that he agreed with her.

However, Dave Rubin believes Peterson was spot on.

“Jordan didn’t say that Biden started those wars, he said a certain amount of blame is to be on Biden and the Democrats, and then he laid out a rather compelling argument for that which we all know is true,” Rubin says.

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