Pro-Palestine mob splatters fake blood on New York Times building, shuts down Grand Central Station, tears down American flags

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A mob of pro-Palestinian supporters caused unrest in New York City on Friday night. The throng of protesters attempted to storm Grand Central Station, splattered fake blood on the New York Times building, and tore down American flags.

Thousands of demonstrators participated in the “Flood Manhattan for Gaza” protest on Friday night.

Protesters set fire to an Israeli flag and destroyed copies of the Jewish Post newspaper. Vandals plastered New York City storefronts with anti-Israel messages such as: “Zionism Is Terrorism” and “Resist Colonial Power By Any Means Necessary.” Some protesters destroyed posters of Israeli hostages. Others demanded the elimination of the Jewish state.

Video shows a pro-Israel woman crying during the protests, and a Palestinian supporter shouted: “Cry you Zionist motherf***er!” Another yelled, “Cry b***h, cry!”

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(WARNING: Explicit language)

Vandals splattered fake blood on the New York Times building.

The raucous crowd chanted: “F*** New York Times!”

According to the New York Post, a Palestinian supporter roared, “Zionist media. That’s the Zionist media. I see you again, b***h!”

Another pro-Gaza demonstrator shrieked, “NYPD, KKK, IDF! They’re all the same!”

Video taken by New York Post reporter Steven Vago shows a New York Daily News reporter being harassed by Palestinian supporters, including one man screaming, “F*** you! You Zionist pig!”

A New York Daily News reporter was also harassed by pro-Palestinian protesters, with one yelling “F*** you Zionist pig.”

Video posted by journalist Oliya Scootercaster shows angry pro-Palestinian supporters attempting to kick down the locked doors at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. The chaos created by the pro-Palestine crowd caused service at Grand Central Terminal to be temporarily suspended for a couple of hours.

(WARNING: Explicit language)

A protester was caught on video climbing up a street post and tearing down American flags and United Nations flags while keeping up Palestinian flags as the crowd cheered.

Several people were taken into custody by police.

CBS News reported, “The NYPD says demonstrations are being held just about every day in the city and stretching police resources. Each precinct now has one supervisor and eight uniformed officers on standby, ready to respond to planned or pop-up demonstrations, according to police sources.”

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, the number of hate crime incidents has skyrocketed in New York City – especially against Jews.

According to NYPD data, the total number of bias incidents investigated by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force soared by 124% in October – including a 214% spike in anti-Jewish incidents.

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