Zelensky “deludes” himself into thinking Ukraine can win the war, aide says

still believes Ukraine will win the war against Russia.

One of Zelensky’s closest aides told TIME magazine that Zelensky has completely deluded himself into believing that Ukraine will win, and “does not intend to give up fighting or to sue for any kind of peace” – and why would he if U.S. taxpayers continue footing the bill while he continues to funnel young Ukrainian men and women in to the woodchopper known as war?

“On the contrary,” the aide added, “[Zelensky’s] belief in Ukraine’s ultimate victory over Russia has hardened into a form that worries some of his advisors. It is immovable, verging on the messianic.”

The aide said point-blank that Zelensky “deludes himself” with these visions of victorious grandeur, even though they hold no basis in reality and are making Zelensky appear crazy.

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“We’re out of options,” the aide added. “We’re not winning. But try telling him that.”

The idea of even trying to negotiate peace or even just a temporary truce with Russia remains a taboo subject for Zelensky, who refuses to back down no matter what.

“For us, it would mean leaving this wound open for future generations,” Zelensky himself told TIME about the reasoning behind his position.

“Maybe it will calm some people down inside our country, and outside, at least those who want to wrap things up at any price. But for me, that’s a problem, because we are left with this explosive force. We only delay its detonation.”


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Zelensky sending Ukrainian men and women into the MEAT GRINDER with lunatic orders

Because it is not his own family or friends on the line, Zelensky seems to be totally unconcerned with the human cost of his continued failed attempts at beating back Russia. In many cases, the Ukrainian armed forces are having to second guess Kyiv’s orders because, based on the situation, they make no sense for actually preserving Ukrainian troops and their resources.

“They don’t have the men or the weapons,” one senior Ukrainian military officer told TIME, citing a recent order from Zelensky to capture the Donetsk city of Horlivka. “Where are the weapons? Where is the artillery? Where are the new recruits?”

Even if the West were to supply all the cash and weapons that Zelensky continues to demand, and then some, there are still not enough fighting-age people left in Ukraine to continue going into the incinerator to fulfill Zelensky’s dream of “Greater Israel.”

“We don’t have the men to use them,” another of Zelensky’s personal aides admitted about Ukraine’s lack of manpower to continue fighting Russia.

There are also scandals (big shocker…) in the Zelensky regime that highlight the ongoing corruption there, including Zelensky’s recent decision to sack former Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov from the ranks.

TIME writer Simon Shuster admitted that he was perhaps a little naïve in assuming that a Ukrainian official would think twice before taking a bribe, but a personal advisor to Zelensky corrected him.

“Simon, you’re mistaken,” the aide said. “People are stealing like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Of course,” one of our own readers wrote about the rampant corruption in Kyiv. “It’s a carrots and onions country, a U.S.-friendly laundromat, and an adrenochrome (‘candy’) factory as well.”

Another asked how much of that money sent to Ukraine is being laundered back to American politicians – and in this case, particularly those on the left side of the aisle.

The latest news about the situation in Ukraine can be found at Collapse.news.

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