Viewing Figures for Third RNC Debate Were in the Sewer – Meanwhile Trump RULES at South Florida Rally!

Vivek Ramaswamy confronts Nikki Haley on her TikTok hypocrisy in the third primary debate.

Another Ronna McDaniel success story.

The third GOP presidential debate sans President Trump sunk in the ratings.  The debate on NBC drew just 7.51 million viewers.  That compares to 13 million in the first debate without Trump.

Via The Daily Mail.

Viewing figures for the third Republican presidential debate plummeted by almost 50 percent compared to the first just three months ago.

An average of 7.51 million people tuned in to watch the NBC News-hosted debate on Wednesday night, a significant drop from the 13 million viewers at the first debate, which many have attributed to the continuing dominance of former President Donald Trump.

The second debate, held in September in California, picked up 9.5 million, which at the time was a 25 percent drop from the first.

And the numbers may be lower than that.

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Meanwhile – Trump rallied in south Florida last night.

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