Big Pharma rebranding failed pharmaceutical products with new COVID-flu “double jab”

Big Pharma rebranding failed pharmaceutical products with new COVID-flu “double jab”

Because nobody even wants to say the word COVID anymore, let alone get any more “vaccine” injections for it, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is proposing combining his company’s latest mRNA “booster” shots with seasonal influenza vaccines, creating a new all-in-one COVID-flu “double jab.”

Bourla expected one in four Americans, or around 24 percent of the United States population, to take another COVID jab this fall. In reality, “maybe seven, eight percent have done it,” Bourla complained, citing “COVID fatigue” and people being “far away from the COVID fear” as the reasons.

Since Bourla loves money, these numbers are not going to cut it – he needs a new yacht, after all. So, to get the numbers up and keep the cash flowing into his bank account, Bourla wants to basically trick Americans into taking yet another untested injection, this time a two-in-one COVID-flu shot.

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“We are in the midst of a heavily funded international re-branding campaign to resurrect demand for failed, toxic pharmaceutical products,” warns Dr. William Makis about what Bourla and his cronies are now scheming to do to keep the profits flowing.

(Related: Back in October, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA] found that neither COVID jabs nor flu shots reduce the risk of hospitalization.)

Big Pharma “scientists” suggest mandating COVID-flu double-jab to ensure steady profits

When all else fails, Bourla and his ilk will push for their deadly products to be mandated, which is exactly what Aashka Shah et al. proposed in a Jan 12, 2023, paper.


Entitled “COVID-19 vaccine and booster hesitation around the world: A literature review,” the recommendation is made that the new double-jabs should be forced on people in order to cure their “hesitancy.”

“If the vaccine were required yearly, patients might feel more comfortable receiving the vaccine since it has been approved for a longer time,” the paper reads. “The CDC reports that in 1980, there were only 12.4 million doses of the influenza vaccine administered but by 2020, had increased to 194 million doses.”

“Amount of doses given year to year differ but the overall trend is a strongly increasing trend. It can be assumed that over time, the COVID-19 vaccine will follow the same trend and higher vaccination rates will be achieved the longer that the vaccine is on the market and if the vaccine is mandated yearly.”

In other words, Bourla and his ilk need not worry: If governments can simply be bribed to force whatever new shot(s) his company unleashes on the public, then there will be no further worries about their wealth and riches ever taking a hit.

Amazingly, the same study manipulates the intent of the Hippocratic Oath to try to argue that forcing people to get jabbed is the best way that society and doctors can “do no harm.”

“By invoking the Hippocratic Oath, a physician’s first duty is to ‘do no harm’ to their patient,” the paper reads. “Mandating the COVID-19 vaccine would ensure that the physician is limiting the risk of COVID-19 transmission to their patient and taking every precaution possible to decrease this risk.”

“As we have seen from the influenza vaccine, mandatory vaccination policies among healthcare workers was the most effective way to obtain maximum vaccination rates.”

If ever there was a gross contortion of the Hippocratic Oath from what it actually means, this is it. These people really could not care less about human life and an individual’s right to not be forcibly “medicated” with who-knows-what, all so the Bourlas of the world can add a few more zeros to their bank accounts.

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