UPDATE: PA Voter Describes Votes Caught Being Switched Realtime in Judicial Election – From Republican to Democrat – Was Told Trust that Their Vote Would Be Counted Correctly (AUDIO)


The Gateway Pundit reported earlier on the rough start to Election Day in several districts in Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

Lehigh Valley News reported several voting machines in multiple districts across Northampton County are down due to “votes getting flipped and not recording properly.”

Voting machines went down in Palmer Township, Bethany Wesleyan Church in Lehigh Township, College Hill Presbyterian Church in Easton, and at the Allen Township Fire Hall.

The voting machines only flipped votes in the retention race between Judge Jack Panella (Democrat) and Judge Victor Stabile (Republican) for the Pennsylvania Superior Court. The concerned voters said the machines were flipping votes from the Republican to the Democrat in the race.

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A poll worked in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania shared how votes were being switched and that voters are catching it happening in real time.

After informing the poll worker in charge, they acknowledged having concerns about what is happening.

Britteny Waylen, the Deputy Director of Administration and Public Information Officer in Northampton County, shared texts from Judge Abe Kassis on how to address the issue.

Waylen told poll workers to have voters use the emergency and then provisional ballots.

Then later they were then told to return to using the machines.

They were informed to make clear to voters to vote how they intended to on the screen and to “go with what is on the screen and not the printout.”

They want voters to trust the machines that are publishing the opposite results of the voters!

There is no way of knowing which is actually accurate.

Workers were told to instruct voters before they enter the voting booth about the issue with the recording of their vote for candidates for retention to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and that the paper receipt would record their selection.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with a voter from Bethlehem this afternoon.  “Kyle” told TGP that he voted in the morning and notice the switched votes.  His father voter a bit later and also noticed the switched votes.  And then later this afternoon his wife voted and also noticed the flipped votes on their ballot printout!



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