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The 2023 election season has all come down to today. While most off-year elections aren’t all that consequential, we’re looking at tonight’s results to see whether they bode well for 2024.


We’ve covered the major races right here at PJ Media today. Jon Del Arroz wrote about Virginia’s legislative contests:

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The Democrats are banking on abortion being a hot topic for turnout, attempting to rile up their female voter base against the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade in 2022. The messaging has worked exceptionally well in other off-year elections, with Republicans often getting routed on the topic. 

On the conservative side, Republicans are focusing on a message of school choice and parental involvement in curriculum, as public school teachers and unions have been increasingly pushing sexualized topics and the LGBTQ agenda on children, angering parents across the country.

Matt Margolis discussed what’s going on in Kentucky’s governor’s race:

[Gov. Andy] Beshear’s lead in those polls was confusing to say the least, especially since he’s governed like a radical leftist. However, recent polls have shown a significant shift, as Beshear’s earlier substantial lead has dwindled, with the latest Emerson College poll indicating a neck-and-neck race. 

This shift could be attributed to multiple factors, including a potential consolidation of Republican voters behind Republican candidate Daniel Cameron. The shift in the polls suggests that momentum favors Cameron. Will it be enough for the GOP to take back the Kentucky governorship?


Athena Thorne shared about the ballot initiatives in Ohio:

In today’s off-year elections, Ohioans are deciding on two major ballot initiatives. The first, Issue 1, seeks to enshrine (basically unlimited) abortion in the Ohio constitution. Issue 2 would legalize marijuana and institute the Marxist socialist economic infrastructure that always seems to accompany such measures.

“Hopefully, red Ohio will dodge these bad decisions and stay true to itself, but polling up until now hasn’t been encouraging,” she concluded.

Chris Queen summarized the races in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island:

Mississippi is electing a governor, and Republican incumbent Tate Reeves is facing a challenge from Democrat Brandon Presley. (And if you’re thinking name recognition, you’re right — Presley is a second cousin of the King.)


For his part, Presley is aiming his arrows at Reeves for not lavishing enough government money on Mississippians. Republicans have dominated politics in the Magnolia State, and the most recent polling data favors Reeves by eight points.


Pennsylvania’s election features a state supreme court seat. That may not sound like a big deal, but it’s a tie-breaking seat on a divided court.


In Rhode Island, voters in the 1st Congressional District are choosing between candidates in a special election. The Democrat candidate has captured the imagination of the mainstream press because he’s the son of immigrants and an Obama and Biden administration veteran who would become the first black representative from Rhode Island if he wins, while the Republican candidate is looking to win the seat back for the GOP for the first time since the ’90s.


You can keep an eye on these races thanks to our friends at Decision Desk HQ. Check back throughout the evening and see the results below:

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