Thousands of Palestinian laborers in Israel have gone missing amid Israel’s ongoing genocide against human beings living in Gaza

Thousands of Palestinian laborers in Israel have gone missing amid Israel’s ongoing genocide against human beings living in Gaza

In addition to the 8,000-plus Palestinians who have been killed in Gaza since the October 7 Hamas false flag attack, another several thousand Palestinians with work permits who were working in Israel at the time of the attack have since gone missing.

According to reports, these thousands of work-permitted Palestinian laborers probably got caught up in the mass arrests that we were told took place in the immediate aftermath of the false flag attack, which was used as cover for Israel’s long-planned campaign of genocide against those living in the Gaza Strip.

Human rights groups and trade unions both say that the Palestinian workers may have been illegally detained in military facilities in the occupied West Bank where Israel has also been pushing out native Palestinian people.

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So far, Israel is refusing to talk about any of the Palestinians being held captive by its military.

(Fact check: Most of the Israeli deaths caused by Hamas were military targets, not civilians – and certainly not the “40 beheaded babies,” which was later shown to be an Israeli hoax.)

Israel abusing, torturing Palestinians in undisclosed open-air concentration camps outside of Gaza, West Bank

On October 7, there were about 18,500 residents of Gaza who held permits to work outside the besieged strip in Israeli-occupied territory. Since the attack, the exact number of these workers in Israel and in Gaza has been disputed since thousands simply went “missing” after being taken to undisclosed locations.

One man named “Walid” – his real name and identity are being kept hidden for the protection of himself and his family – described being captured by Israeli forces and held in a “cage” without a roof, under the hot sun and without food, for three days.


Walid was not allowed to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water that entire time, according to a written testimony given to the Israel-based human rights organization HaMoked.

After being taken to a 300-square-meter area of land along with hundreds of other laborers, all of whom were forced to share a single chemical toilet cubicle, Walid says he was cursed at and beaten by Israeli soldiers after asking to contact the Red Cross for help.

After Israel Defense Forces (IDF) determined that Walid was born in Gaza but now resides in the West Bank, they finally let him go. Walid’s testimony has since gone viral, representing one of a few coming from Palestinians who say they are being held in concentration camps with other Gaza workers by Israeli occupying forces.

“We have been receiving hundreds and hundreds of phone calls from family members of people who were working in Israel prior to the [October 7] attacks,” says Jessica Montell, executive director of HaMoked, adding that more than 400 families and friends of missing Palestinians have contacted the organization in recent days.

By law, the Israeli military is supposed to inform HaMoked within 24 hours of a new capture where the person is being held.

“But for all those Gazans, they told us [they]’re not the right [authority to] address,” Montell says. “It can’t be the case that it’s not clear where they’re being held, how many are being held, under what conditions, under what legal status.”

HaMoked has since petitioned Israel’s High Court to disclose the names and locations of all Palestinian detainees to ensure they are being treated humanely.

Some Palestinians are believed to be detained in the Almon area, which is where Walid was detained, as well as in Ofer, near Ramallah, and in Sde Teyman, near Beer al-Sabe (Be’er Sheva), as well as in southern Naqab or the Negev desert.

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