One hundred Israeli doctors issue public statement of SUPPORT for Israel’s bombing of HOSPITALS in Gaza

One hundred Israeli doctors issue public statement of SUPPORT for Israel’s bombing of HOSPITALS in Gaza

Quds News is reporting that at least 100 Israeli doctors (some reports are mistakenly reporting it as 1,000 doctors) have signed a letter of support for Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continuing to bomb civilian facilities in Gaza, including hospitals where sick patients are receiving care.

These 100 Israeli doctors are demanding that their government bomb even more hospitals and health care facilities in Gaza, parroting the trope that these facilities are “used by the terrorists.”

Below is a screenshot of the documents in question, including an English translation in the right frame (again, ignore the 1,000 number in Nawfal’s post as that figure appears to be incorrect):

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Israeli rabbis give government army “permission” to bomb anything they want in Gaza – because its “their” land

The letter comes as Israeli rabbis have similarly given the green light to the IDF to bomb pretty much any civilian target in Gaza they wish – because this is what “god” wants, we are told.

“What do organizations like ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and other medical organizations in the world think?” one person asked about these shocking revelations.


“Hypocrite oath,” responded another about how the Israeli doctors who signed onto the letter have jumped the shark as far as their oath to “do no harm” is concerned. Then again, the general sentiment in Israel seems to be that the Palestinian people are “human animals,” so, apparently, they do not qualify for care and protection from harm.

According to the letter, which demands more airstrikes on Gaza hospitals, the Palestinian territory is filled with “murder and territory headquarters,” which conveniently for Israel its long-term “Greater Israel” goals are all purportedly located in civilian facilities like hospitals.

In Israel’s view, there is no civilian target off limits in Gaza because all of them, we are told, contain hidden terrorists who can only be stopped by blowing up the entire facility indiscriminately.

“That murderous terrorist organization spares no means and commits brutal murder and unprecedented atrocities against people, women and children – therefore any place where its people hide and / or is used for terrorist patients,” reads a rough English translation of the letter.

Ironically, the claims made here against Gaza sound a whole lot more like what Israel is doing to Gaza, rather than the other way around. It is no secret that the State of Israel exists atop stolen land that God Himself cleared out way back when, allowing the Palestinians to live there for hundreds of years while disobedient Israel lived in global exile.

As of 1948, the Jewish state has forcefully reestablished itself through deceit and genocide, proving that Israel’s “god” is much different than the One True God and His new covenant with mankind, as outlined in the New Testament of the Bible.

Israel, though, rejects the One True God of the New Testament, instead choosing to follow a god of its own making – which is also ironic, considering this is why Israel was driven out of the land by God in the first place.

Towards the end of the letter, the 100 Israeli doctors make the claim that Gaza hospitals are “terrorist headquarters,” and that this fully justifies IDF blowing these facilities and everyone inside of them to bits – this is what Israel says its “god” wants, by the way.

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