Do We Finally Have a Glimpse at Trans Shooter’s Woke Manifesto?

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Do we finally know what was in the “transgender” Nashville shooter’s manifesto? “Louder with Crowder” host Steven Crowder claims he obtained access to parts of the manifesto, and he’s published details online.


While the Nashville Police Department has yet to confirm the authenticity of Crowder’s documentation, the show host insists that he’s finally telling the world what Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old biological woman who claimed she was a “he,” was thinking before she shot three staff members and three nine-year-olds in March at a Christian school in Tennessee where she was formerly a student.

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The Louder with Crowder piece included photos of several pages, allegedly written by Hale. If part of the real manifesto, they reveal that Hale was filled with woke hatred against white people, even though she herself was white. According to local outlet Fox17, the pages are in fact from Hale’s manifesto.

The alleged manifesto experts reveal Audrey railing against “crackers” with “white privil[eg]es,” besides writing, “Kill those kids!!!” and, “I hope I have a high death count.” The pages Crowder published refer to the planning shooting as a “massacre.”

One of the notebook pages Crowder published reads, under what appears to be the name “Aiden,” which was what Audrey called herself after supposedly becoming male (misspellings and grammar errors are from the original):

Kill those kids!!!    2/3/23

Those crackers

going to private fancy schools

with those fancy kwakis [sic] + sports…

w/ their [scribble] daddies mustangs and convertables

f[*]ck you little sh[*]ts

I wish to shoot you [illegible] [j]aka** d[*]cks w/ your mop yellow hair

Wanna kill all you little crackers!!!

Bunch of little fa**ots

w/ your white privilages

f[*]ck you fa**ots


Another page posted by Crowder, also allegedly written by Hale, describes her feelings on “Death Day.” We know that Audrey was mentally ill because she was a mass murderer who deliberately targeted young children (and she claimed she was a boy). If the below is actually an excerpt from Hale’s notebook, it adds yet another aspect to Audrey’s sickness, as the shooter fervently hoped she would kill lots of people at the school — and invoked God’s aid in achieving her bloody goal.

Today is the day

The day has finally come!

I can’t believe its here.

Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am.

Im a little nervous, but excited too.

Been excited for the past 2 weeks.

There were several times I could have been caught especially back in the summer of 2021.

None of that matters now. Im almost an hour + 7 minutes away.

Can’t believe I’m doing this,

but I’m ready…

I hope my victims aren’t.

My only fear is if anything goes wrong.

I’ll do my best to prevent [scribble] any of the sort.

(God let my wrath take over my anxiety)

It might be 10 minutes tops. It might be 3-7. Its gonna go quick.

I hope I have a high death count.

Ready to die nana

The page appears to be signed “Aiden.”

Louder with Crowder wrote out the words on the third page it published, also from March 27 or “Death Day”. The alleged manifesto describes the planned killing as a “massacre.”



7:00am – Get dressed [COVERED]

7:05am – 8:55am – [COVERED]

w/ stuffed animals + possessions

9:00am – Eat breakfast at home [home encircled in heart shape]

9:30am – Pack up special belongings

in backpack(s)

—9:50am – test knifecor glass breaker

(dads old cars)

10:00am – Leave for Royal Range

(19-20 min)

10:20am – Gear up + setup guns in

trunk (assemble) + get out rest

(w/ mags inside)

11:20am – Final video tape (0 min)


11:35am – Leave for Covenant school

12:00pm – Arrive at Covenant

(Check parking lot for security)

12:05 – arrive in designated parking space

12:05-12:10 – prepare for attack

12:– – Lock + load all weapons

12:33 [circled] Open fire towards SW entrance

Let massacre begin Time2die [circled] XXX

If this is the Audrey Hale manifesto that has been so long hidden, it shows a very mentally ill individual full of woke hatred, aiming to kill children, white people, and particularly the Christians at Covenant School.

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