Mark Levin SLAMS Washington Post for Helping CNN Smear Him as Anti-Semitic

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Washington Post media reporter Jeremy Barr – who travels in the same leftist school of fish as Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, who hate that conservative media outlets exist – channeled CNN on Friday in a story headlined “CNN blasts Fox host Mark Levin for ‘self-hating Jews’ attack on Blitzer.

Barr borrowed heavily from the leftist site Media Matters, which on Thursday put out an article saying Levin “falsely claimed” Wolf Blitzer’s parents weren’t victims of the Holocaust:

Levin seemed to cast doubt on Blitzer’s connection to the Holocaust. Blitzer has frequently shared the story of how his grandparents were killed — his father’s parents at Auschwitz and his mother’s in a labor camp. But Levin, who is also Jewish, said that Blitzer’s parents “weren’t victims in one way or another.” While he acknowledged that “certainly [Blitzer’s] family comes out of that background,” he charged that “you wouldn’t know it” from his coverage of the conflict, telling his listeners that CNN is “filled with a lot of self-hating Jews.”

CNN and Media Matters are closely aligned. On his radio show Thursday night, Levin shot back at the leftist attack:

Now you can hear ‘weren’t’ if you’re really listening, and you want to hear weren’t…I barely even remember saying it! So we’ve played it. We’ve upped the audio. You can twist it to say weren’t, but obviously why would I say his parents weren’t, in one way or another, victims of the Holocaust? How can that even be logical? Why would I say someone’s parents were or were not victims of the Holocaust? If they weren’t victims of the Holocaust, why would I say they weren’t victims of the Holocaust? Or why would I intentionally say that? I didn’t.

And the second sentence – but certainly his family comes out of that background – clarifies exactly what I’m talking about. So they take that and they say, ‘Levin denies that Wolf Blitzer’s parents weren’t in the Holocaust, and they were,’ which I’ve since looked up and they were, at Auschwitz. And his grandparents were killed there. Which is a horrible, horrible thing. In fact, some of the people who’ve been taken back into Gaza were Holocaust survivors in Israel. Some of the people murdered [on October 7] were Holocaust survivors. And of course, my point is, you have a background like that, and you ask Hakeem Jeffries a question like this? It’s shocking to me! Especially as a Jew, it is shocking to me!

Levin was objecting to a Blitzer interview on Tuesday with House Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries where he asked: “We don’t yet know how many civilians were killed in today’s strike on that refugee camp, but is taking out one Hamas leader or maybe two Hamas leaders who may have been there worth the deaths of so many civilians?” He asked twice! Levin pointed out that Jeffries wasn’t buying Blitzer’s spin, that he came to Israel’s defense: “I know that Israel is taking every effort to continue to conduct this necessary war following the international rules of warfare.”

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Barr then channeled an anonymous CNN statement attack Levin as an anti-Semite!

“Mark Levin’s comments about Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper were wildly uninformed, inappropriate and shameful,” a CNN spokesperson told The Washington Post on Thursday. “Wolf is the child of Holocaust survivors and all four of his grandparents were murdered during the Holocaust, a fact that Wolf has personally reported on through a special documentary, trips to Auschwitz, written reflections and decades of public speaking on Holocaust education and awareness. Levin’s antisemitic rhetoric is dangerous, offensive and should be universally denounced.”

Levin made the point on Thursday night that which one of them — Levin or Blitzer — was coming to the defense of Israel taking out Hamas terrorists? And which one was suggesting Israel was a merciless killer of civilians?

Barr also delighted CNN by adding an unintentionally hilarious anti-Fox statement from Biden spokesman Andrew Bates:

President Biden believes in an America where we come together against hate, and don’t fan its flames,” he said. “But not only is Fox News aligning with those who fan the flames of hate – Fox is paying their salaries. Lying to insult the pain that families suffered in the Holocaust has absolutely no place in America.”

The guy who says Republicans are “Jim Crow 2.0” wants you to know he never fans the flames of hate with false charges. 

Levin also fought back on Twitter: 

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