Survivor of Mao’s China Warns America is on the Verge of Becoming a Communist State


Xi Van Fleet is a Chinese-American who lives in Virginia. As a survivor of Mao’s China, she has a fascinating life story.

She also knows Communism when she sees it and according to Fleet, the United States is on the verge of bcoming a Communist state like China.

We would be wise to heed the warnings of people who escaped Communist regimes.

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The New York Post reports:

‘Mao’s America’ author Xi Van Fleet reveals how US is on the verge of becoming a Communist state like China

Remember when Hollywood activist Jane Fonda chortled that the coronavirus was “God’s gift to the left”?

That was back in October 2020, at the height of lockdowns and school closures, when the country was reeling from the violent BLM-Antifa riots over the summer.

It was no time for celebration, but clearly Hanoi Jane knew something that most Americans didn’t pick up at the time.

A new book out this week explains what leftist Fonda seemed to know back then, perhaps from her papered-over days as a Communist collaborator during the Vietnam War.

While we were sleeping, in 2020, America went through a cultural revolution that was instantly recognizable to escapees from totalitarianism like Xi Van Fleet, who had lived through the terrors of Mao’s China as a schoolgirl.

Her book, “Mao’s America,” is a five-alarm warning of the menace in our midst.

She is alarmed that most Americans do not see clearly what she does, that “the root of today’s ‘woke revolution,’ not to mention its ultimate goal, is Marxism followed by Communism.”

Van Fleet uses her Twitter account to warn people about this threat as well.

Shouldn’t we be listening to her and people like her?

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