Strip club argument ends in lethal shootout between woman and security guard in Florida

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An argument at a strip club in Florida led to a wild shootout between a security guard and a woman who died from gunshot wounds, police said.

Miami-Dade police said that they were called to a shooting at about 3:20 a.m. on Friday morning at the Club Climaxxx strip club.

They found 32-year-old Shaynea Chantile Johnson dead from gunshot wounds in a white Nissan Altima.

Police said that their investigation indicated that the shooting had been preceded by an argument inside the strip club that continued into the parking lot, where a security guard became involved.

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“An armed security guard that works for the establishment attempted to diffuse the situation, as is his job,” said Miami-Dade Police Det. Andre Martin.

Police said that Johnson went to the backseat of the white car and obtained a handgun that she fired at the security guard.

The security guard returned fire and struck Johnson, killing her. The driver of the car then drove the car a few blocks down the street before parking where police found it.

The security guard was unharmed.

Johnson’s mother, Brenda Dawson, told WPLG-TV that she was called by her niece at about 4 in the morning about the shooting and went to the scene as police were investigating.

“They told me the backseat — the young lady in the backseat was my daughter. And they said that she was shot and now she is dead,” Dawson said.

“I’m just a nervous wreck,” she added. “She has two beautiful children. What am I going to tell those kids? What am I going to do?!”

One woman who worked at the Climaxxx strip club blamed guns for the incident.

“The gun violence has to stop,” she said to WTVJ-TV. “I mean, innocent people are getting killed, and so forth and so on. It’s very sad.”

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

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