Disgraced RINO Adam Kinzinger Calls New Speaker ‘Well Dressed Insurrectionist’ on MSNBC

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The RINO Ken doll Adam Kinzinger has a hacky new ghostwritten book he’s hawking to try to cash in on his government service, so he’s going where hucksters go to do such things: MSNBC.


“Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book ‘Renegade’ and the current state of the GOP, highlighting a shift towards radicalism and a departure from conservative principles. Kinzinger discusses the party’s stance on issues like fiscal responsibility, national defense, and election integrity, emphasizing the need to focus on the preservation of democracy in the upcoming elections,” MSNBC wrote to promote his appearance on the network.

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While there promoting himself and his book, in a zinger passed to him by staff sure to titillate the liberal viewership, the #Resistance hero derided the incoming Republican speaker as a “well-dressed insurrectionist.”

Here’s the cringe synopsis from Kinzinger’s work of revisionist history, which he almost surely didn’t write a single word of himself, “Renegade: Defending Democracy and Liberty in Our Divided Country

In Renegade, Kinzinger tells his story of faith, service, and political duty in a democracy under siege. From the small Illinois county board where he got his start, to his years in the Air Force flying tanker missions over Iraq, to his final tumultuous term in Congress as one of the few Republican members to vote to impeach Trump and join the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, Kinzinger takes readers inside the most critical moments and pivotal decisions of the last years. The result is both a searing examination of the rise of extremism and the GOP’s subsequent descent into a dysfunctional and destructive force, and a rousing call to return to unity.


Why even the most committed #Resistance lib would buy these garbage literary works is forever beyond me. What could they possibly contain that would justify their $20 price tags?

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As to the substance of Kinzinger’s smears, to the extent there is any, I have no opinion on Speaker Johnson because he is a largely unknown quantity at the national level. I have a kneejerk, impossible-to-shake skepticism of anyone who could amass enough Swamp votes to get himself elected Speaker, but, obviously, someone has to do the dirty job and holding it doesn’t necessarily say anything about the individual. And if that were the standard, there would no point in governing at all. So I’ll withhold judgment.

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