World reacts to Israeli attack on Jabalia refugee camp, many calling it “inhumane” or “war crimes”

World reacts to Israeli attack on Jabalia refugee camp, many calling it “inhumane” or “war crimes”

Israel’s recent massive airstrike on the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza has prompted global criticism as people from all political and religious backgrounds are suddenly taking a step back and asking themselves: why are we supposed to support Israel again?

In case you missed it, Israel bombed a refugee camp where Palestinian citizens had gathered to protect themselves from other areas of Gaza that Israel had previously warned were going to be bombed.

After urging the Palestinians who were living in the camp to flee from their homes, which they did, Israel proceeded to bomb the very place it told them to go for safety, once again illustrating the savagery of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in indiscriminately targeting and bombing civilians.

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The Jabalia refugee camp bombing resulted in the total demolition of numerous apartment buildings, leaving large craters where they used to exist. Many other buildings and housing units were partially destroyed by the blast, which killed more than 50 people and left another 150 wounded.

“We are still counting the numbers and the people,” said Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan. “We are still trying to find the people under the rubble. Maybe at the end of that, tomorrow, we can talk about the exact numbers and maybe some names.”

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The entire non-Zionist world is outraged over Israel’s savagery against the Palestinians

European Union (EU) diplomat Josep Borrell Fontrelles tweeted on X that he is “appalled by the high number of casualties following the bombing by Israel of the Jabalia refugee camp.”


Had the situation been in reverse, with Hamas somehow bombing an entire residential neighborhood in Israel, you can be sure that there would be widespread outrage among the Zionists and their supporters in religion, media and government. However, since Palestinian lives were lost, the “support Israel” crowd either could not care less or is actually cheering on the carnage.

In a statement about the bombing, Saudi Arabia condemned “in the strongest way possible the inhumane targeting by the Israeli occupation forces of the Jabalia refugee camp.”

“The expansion of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip to include civilian objects, like hospitals, schools, population centres and shelters for displaced people, is a dangerous escalation in the course of confrontations, which would undermine mediation and de-escalation efforts,” added Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also “reaffirmed the need for an immediate ceasefire” and “underscored that indiscriminate attacks will result in irreparable ramifications in the region.”

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs echoed all this with a “strong” condemnation of “Israel’s inhumane targeting of an entire residential square in Jabalia camp in northern Gaza that left hundreds killed and injured,” while also calling on “the international community to take an immediate stance to stop these crimes.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, is taking things a step further by calling on all Muslim states in the Middle East to stop all food and oil exports to Israel. If Israel is going to stop all electricity, fuel, water and food from entering Gaza, then the same will also happen to Israel, according to Iran.

Other states like Bolivia have more quietly tried to distance themselves from Israel, while Colombia and Chile have recalled their ambassadors to Israel for consultations.

“We are horrified by news coming from Jabalia camp where high numbers of people have reportedly been killed by an Israeli airstrike,” also commented Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF) about the matter.

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