Multiple Republicans vote to table resolution to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib

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Multiple Republicans joined with Democrats in voting to table a resolution to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

The resolution had been put forward by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and last week, Tlaib issued a statement describing it as “unhinged” and “deeply Islamophobic.”

Part of the censure resolution claimed that Tlaib had “led an insurrection at the United States Capitol Complex on October 18, 2023,” a point that some GOP lawmakers took issue with.

“January 6 protestors were not insurrectionists, nor were those led by Rep. Tlaib. I voted to table a censure resolution of Rep Tlaib in part because it was modeled after legislation that condemned J6 protestors. Also: Free speech means protecting even the speech you don’t like,” Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky tweeted.

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Rep. Chip Roy of Texas called the resolution “feckless.”

“Rep. Rashida Tlaib has repeatedly made outrageous remarks toward Israel and the Jewish people. Her conduct is unbecoming of a member of Congress and certainly worthy of condemnation – if not censure,” Roy noted in a statement.

“However, tonight’s feckless resolution to censure Tlaib was deeply flawed and made legally and factually unverified claims, including the claim of leading an ‘insurrection’. I voted to table the resolution. In January 2021, the legal term insurrection was stretched and abused by many following the events at the Capitol. We should not continue to perpetuate claims of ‘insurrection’ at the Capitol and we should not abuse the term now,” Roy concluded.

While it appears that 23 House Republicans voted to sideline the censure resolution, Rep. Derrick Van Orden of Wisconsin, who voted to table the resolution, has indicated that he switched his vote to support the resolution. So it now appears that there were 22 GOP lawmakers who supported tabling the resolution.

“This evening, I inadvertently voted to table the motion to censure Rep. Tlaib who is vocally supportive of the terrorist organization, Hamas. As soon as I realized my error, I changed my vote to reflect that I do not support antisemites anywhere, especially in Congress,” a tweet posted on the X account of Van Orden’s press office noted.

Greene blasted the Republicans who voted to table the resolution as “feckless.”

“This is why Republicans NEVER do anything to stop the communists Democrats or ever hold anyone accountable!! PATHETIC,” she tweeted.

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