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Ever since last month’s horrific terrorist attacks in Israel, which were carried out by the terrorist group Hamas, brain-dead liberals across the globe have taken to the streets and social media to cheer for the bad guys. These leftists, who are somehow dumb enough to believe the terrorists are actually the good guys, have been shouting “free Palestine!” and a number of other ignorant slogans at the top of their lungs. Because, you know, these dolts truly think that Israel shouldn’t exist and that Israelis are nothing more than colonizers who have taken over the Palestinians’ country and pushed them off their land into a small sliver called Gaza. 


Hamas striking out at the Jews is filtered through a lens that magically transforms the terrorists into freedom-fighting patriots. It should be obvious that a terrorist organization that uses their own people as human shields and cuts the heads off children isn’t good, but leftists aren’t known for sharp mental acuity. 

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Noa Cochva, who was Miss Israel in 2021, has posted a brand new video on social media that rips into Hamas and makes the argument that folks should not be shouting “free Palestine” but rather “free Palestine from Hamas.”

Palestine doesn’t exist, however, so it’s more apt to say that we need to free the folks from Gaza from the oppression of radical Islamic terrorists.

Cochva starts the video by repeating the old cliche answer about wanting world peace that many beauty queens have uttered on stage. If you’ve watched a pageant before, you know this is a stock answer and can be easily spouted off by contestants who don’t mean a single word of it.

The beauty queen, featured in her Israel Defense Forces uniform, goes on to discuss some of the details of the terrorist attack that rocked her home country on October 7. She notes how the very individuals in Hamas who are being hailed as heroes and “freedom fighters” participated in horrific acts such as raping women and young ladies, kidnapping older people, burning families alive in their homes, and, most disturbing of all, beheading children.

There were attempts made by many of the left-wing propagandists in the mainstream media and on social media platforms to downplay the atrocities committed by Hamas, particularly the whole “beheaded babies” thing, which they questioned the veracity of.  It turns out that these sick terrorists actually did behead children. 


Another example of how the mainstream media twists narratives to suit their own beliefs and agendas is the case of a hospital that was bombed in Gaza. The story coming out of the region was that it was hit by Israel, but, again, that turned out not to be true. It was actually caused by misfired rocket from Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Miss Israel takes a moment to set the record straight about what’s really going on in Gaza.

“Let me tell you a little bit about Hamas,” she begins. “We’re all aware that Gaza citizens suffer due to the situation. The people of Gaza live under an oppressive organization. Do you think that money that you donate helps the citizens in Gaza? Think again. Hamas uses economic and humanitarian aid for its own personal purposes. Building terror bases in schools, hospitals, and even kindergartens. And the residents — they only serve as a human shield. With the amount of money flowing into Gaza, they could have been taking care of their own civilians. They could have built functional facilities, secure spaces, a thriving economy, and much more.”

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Cochva continues: “So anyone who claims there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is right. But think about it: who’s to blame that there is no food, no medicine, only rockets? There’s only one to blame. Hamas. Not Israel.”

One more point Cochva makes, which is really a summary of her whole video, comes at its conclusion: “It’s not ‘free Palestine,’ it’s ‘free Palestine from Hamas.’ Hamas is ISIS.” 


She then urges those who follow her and who may have come across her post to put their support behind Israel. And that doesn’t always mean throwing a parade or a protest, either. It can be prayers, donations, and sending well wishes. There’s all kinds of things we can do to stand by our allies in the region.

The true oppressor of the people of Palestine is not Israel, but Hamas, the very organization so many ignorant leftists have tossed their support behind. It’s time for left-wingers to open their eyes and do a little critical thinking instead of just going along with whatever they are told by progressive celebrities and so-called “elites.”

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