Israel’s “holy war” against Gaza already expanding to include Syria, Yemen

confirmed that the Army of Yemen has joined the fight against “the Israeli enemy in the occupied territories.”

Along with Syria, Yemen is taking a stand for Gaza, which is in Israel’s crosshairs for elimination as part of the Zionist plan to eradicate all Palestinians from the land that the Jewish state says it owns.

“Our armed forces have launched a large batch of ballistic and winged missiles, as well as a significant number of drones, at various targets of the Israeli enemy in the occupied territories,” the spokesman is quoted as saying.

Yemen also “vows to continue its attacks on Israel with missiles and drones until the aggression on Gaza stops,” the spokesman added.

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The leader of the Yemeni Ansarullah Movement also came forward on television to state that his country is “ready to mobilize hundreds of thousands to fight alongside Palestine.”

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Israeli tanks now approaching Gaza City, correspondent claims

According to reports, Yemen’s Ansarullah currently has more advanced weaponry than even Hezbollah, the Iranian military force that seems to really be scaring Israel right now.

It is expected that the Houthis will also join the fight with their high-level ballistic power, which could threaten United States military bases in the Arabian Peninsula.

Both the Houthis and Ansarullah have some pretty tough weaponry in their arsenal that poses a challenge to Israeli and U.S. forces.


Meanwhile, there are reports emerging out of Gaza to suggest that Israeli tanks are making their way towards Gaza City.

“They have crossed the village of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip and are now stationing in Gaza City at one of the main roads: al-Nasr street,” commented Al Jazeera correspondent Safwat al Kahlout.

“Witnesses have told us there is heavy exchange of fire between fighters and Israeli troops.”

“On the other side of Gaza City, in the southeast, tanks have crossed from the eastern side heading towards the coastal road. They are halfway between Salah al-Din street and the coastal road. In case they reach that road, that would mean … they would be dividing the north from the south.”

There are also reports that Yemeni Houthis ballistic missiles struck a target in Tel Aviv, which Israel cannot respond to without permission from Saudi Arabia which is in the way.

Should Saudi Arabia allow Israel to retaliate against Yemen, this “would be the worst foreign policy decision for any Arab nation,” to quote one report about the matter.

Hamas issued an official statement about Israel’s advances into Gaza, stating that the Jewish state has “inserted their tanks in places where there was nothing.”

“The occupation has begun to move on the ground in a number of axes, and in practice it has begun a ground operation that it does not want to announce due to its own considerations,” Hamas added.

Hamas stressed that Israel is conducting this ground invasion against agriculture and civilian targets, some of which were already targeted by Israel in days prior, meaning “there is no military achievement for it.”

Egypt is also telling Israel to back off, warning that if Israel attempts to forcibly transfer Gaza’s 2.3 million residents into the Sinai Peninsula, then Egypt will “sacrifice millions of lives” to stop the plan from coming to fruition.

Leaked documents out of Israel show that the plan as of Friday the 13th of October was to forcibly displace the entire population of Gaza into Egypt.

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