Why Biden’s new ambassador to Israel is ‘DEEPLY DISTURBING’

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The Senate has confirmed President Biden’s nominee pick for ambassador to Israel.

Jacob Lew won in a 53-43 vote after weeks of Republican opposition.

Glenn Beck isn’t so sure he’s right for the job despite the fact that Lew himself is an orthodox Jew.

The ambassador was also the director of the Office of Management and Budget under both Clinton and Obama. He then served as Obama’s treasury secretary from 2013 to 2017.

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“Apparently, Jack Lew is one of the main players in Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. He is also the main guy Obama used to sell the deal to the Jewish community,” Glenn explains, adding, “He probably quickly realized the deal backfired.”

Glenn worries there’s a chance Lew will use his “financial and negotiation skills” to “continue what Biden has been doing all along: appeasing Iran, making the perfect opportunity for government money laundering.”

Rand Paul is one of the Republicans who voted for Lew.

“Rand has been on the record kind of to approve most nominees,” Stu Burguiere explains, adding, “Right? That’s kind of been his stance over the years.”

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