Whitlock: ‘Deion Sanders is putting on a coaching malpractice clinic’

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Jason Whitlock is not a fan of Deion Sanders’ coaching, and unlike so many others, he’s not afraid to say it.

“Deion Sanders is putting on a coaching malpractice clinic, and no one’s allowed to talk about it, criticize him, or correct him because he’s black,” Whitlock says, adding, “that’s my fire-starter.”

Not only does Whitlock believe the team’s roster has been virtually outplayed almost every single game, his team is the most penalized in the country.

“I’m sure that’s racism,” Whitlock mocks. “Quit the worship of Deion — he’s unworthy,” he adds.

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Shedeur Sanders, Deion’s son, happens to be the quarterback on his team. And that quarterback was just sacked in a loss to UCLA — a lot.

When this happened, Deion threw his own offensive coordinator under the bus and said it might be time to get a new offensive line. Essentially saying that it’s “everybody’s fault but Deion’s.”

“As if his offensive coordinator hasn’t been given specific instructions by daddy dearest: ‘you throw that football and showcase my son ‘cause that’s what this is about,’” he adds.

“Take Deion off the pedestal. This is coaching malpractice that will end in disaster. Deion’s going to be pointing fingers at Colorado, Colorado’s going to be pointing fingers at him, those kids in that locker room are miserable. They know that their head coach is favoring a handful of guys, particularly his son,” Whitlock continues.

Whitlock is concerned with Deion’s methods on and off the field.

“What head coach takes his son and star defensive player to an NBA game during a week of prep. Who does that?”

According to Whitlock, Deion “exists in this special bubble that the black people in media have decided he’s untouchable.”

Whitlock claims that this is lowering standards for all black men.

“He’s an example of how we’re crippling, lowering standards for all black men,” Whitlock says.

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