Joy Behar’s comment about assault weapons makes us want to face-palm

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“One time, on this program, I gave the women of ‘The View’ credit,” says Dave Rubin, but “today is not that day.”

And it’s no wonder when you hear the utterly preposterous conversation that transpired between Joy Behar and Sara Haines.

“I would love to see an assault weapons ban,” said Sara, adding, “I don’t believe they’re a sport or hunting instrument. It’s like shooting fish in a bucket.”

“But also, if you shoot with an AR-15 — let’s say you shoot a deer — you can’t eat it because you’ve basically demolished the animal,” added Behar, throwing up her hands.

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Tell us you know nothing about guns, hunting, or the Second Amendment without telling us you know nothing about guns, hunting, or the Second Amendment …

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