US Commerce Department halts exports on civilian firearms and ammunition, but what’s it REALLY about?

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The U.S. Commerce Department has declared a 90-day pause on the export of most civilian firearms and ammunition under the premise that it will reduce the “risk of firearms being diverted to entities or activities that promote regional instability, violate human rights, or fuel criminal activities.”

But what’s it really about?

“They say they’re doing this because they want to make sure that the guns that are being sold by manufacturers to gun stores all around the world … don’t fall into the wrong hands,” says Glenn Beck, “but we’re sending billions of dollars’ worth of ammunition and guns to Ukraine without anyone tracking any of it.”

Stu Burguiere finds it interesting that “the left has just decided that they’re the pro-war people, but they don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves against lawless mobs that … go through city after city after city.”

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Speaking of lawlessness, look no further than the tragedy that happened last week in Maine when a shooter opened fire at a bowling alley, killing 18 people. Unsurprisingly, the left, along with the media, has used the incident to fuel the campaign against guns.

Conservatives have countered the argument with their usual list of reasons – “It’s the shooter, not the gun; the man was unstable [and] shouldn’t have had a gun; … regulations wouldn’t have stopped him; bad guys don’t observe the regulations; these shootings are stopped by good guys with guns,” etc.

While “all of that stuff is true,” says Glenn, “none of that is the thing we should focus on right now.”

“Rather, we should realize that we are living in a very special and unique time where all of the original reasons for the Second Amendment are as urgently relevant as they have ever been, [and] we should probably understand those reasons,” he continues.

As a “natural law,” self-defense falls “under the inalienable right to life,” which protects citizens not only from “people with evil intent” but also from “an out-of-control government,” especially when that government is as “weaponized” as it is today, says Glenn.

Those who want to ban certain rifles specifically would do well to consider “the history of asymmetric warfare from the Revolutionary War,” as well as the fact that “gun confiscation [is] one of the first acts of every tyrant in history.”

Anti-gun advocates would also do well to consider the “truly frightening crime statistics” in America today and the war raging between Hamas and Israel.

“What would the result have been if the population of Israel had been completely disarmed and helpless, fully dependent on their security forces? How many would be dead?” asks Glenn. “Far more than are.”

Further, the Jews in our own country “have to cower inside their homes or get locked in libraries for fear of the mob.”

“We live in a time when hundreds of thousands of people feel free to openly shout their support for evil and genocide and their hatred for the culture that welcomed them into their midst – a time when open borders have meant 10 million people and thousands on the terror list that are present right now in our cities,” not to mention the constant threat of “the cartels and the gangs,” laments Glenn.

The truth is, “self-defense has never been more relevant than it is today.”

“I don’t know what the Biden administration is doing this time,” says Glenn, “but their every step has been to erode your rights one way or another.” This temporary halt on civilian firearms and ammunition export is probably no different.

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