RFK Jr. explains how the Democrats became slaves to Big Pharma

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After President Biden took office, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was one of the first to be censored.

Not 37 hours after Biden took his oath, the White House was ordering Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to remove his accounts — and threatening that if they did not, the White House would remove their Section 230 immunity.

“Their companies would die if they didn’t have that Section 230 immunity,” RFK Jr. tells Dave Rubin, noting how dangerous the situation was. “If you can quiet criticism about yourself, there’s no end to the power that you can then claim.”

And why did they censor him?

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Because he was going after precisely who funds them: the pharmaceutical industry.

This began in 2016, when the Obama administration had to make a deal with the pharmaceutical companies in order to push Obamacare through.

“Big Pharma is the biggest lobby on Capitol Hill,” RFK explains, noting that pharmaceutical companies pay twice as much as oil and gas companies in lobbying and five times as much as military contractors.

“They are off the charts.”

The Obama administration’s deal with the pharmaceutical companies included buying their drugs without bargaining.

“You’re going to get really rich, and we won’t bargain for them, we won’t, you know, push you down,” RFK says, adding, “at that point, it became permissible for Democrats to take pharmaceutical money, and they just started taking it.”

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