Proof the Democrat Party is just an ‘organization for the American Marxist movements’

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Joe Biden and the Democrat Party may say they care, but their actions only prove otherwise.

Mark Levin isn’t sure how any Americans can still support the party that hates America — especially right now.

“These people who are rioting in the street and violently attacking people and carrying signs talking about exterminating Jews,” Levin says, “they’re not voting Republican.”

All the Democrat Party really is, he explains, is a “protection racket,” an “umbrella organization for the American Marxist movements,” and the “infiltration in our country — in multiple ways — of Islamists.”

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The Democrat Party is also behind our open border, which is fueling drug cartels and a fentanyl crisis that is killing thousands.

“This is intentional. This is man-made, the disaster, the inhumanity on the southern border,” Levin says.

Meanwhile, the people Democrat policies hurt are still voting Democrat.

“What has the Democrat Party done for them other than besmirch them? Other than smear them? Nothing. They’ve made their wages. They’ve made their lifestyles. They’ve made their finances poor and are in a very, very difficult situation in this country right now,” Levin continues.

While the Democrat Party supports groups with “fancy names” like Students for Justice in Palestine, they’re simply using them to “cover up their true purposes.”

“This is a Democrat Party that even in the face of what’s taking place in the Middle East and Israel,” Levin says, “keeps our border wide open.”

This leaves America open to terrorist attacks, but Joe Biden and his party don’t care.

“He doesn’t care about the well-being of the American people. He doesn’t care about the well-being — and I’ll say it — of the Jewish people, particularly in Israel,” Levin says, adding, “remember, Biden’s background is as a racist and a segregationist.”

“The Democrat Party does hate America, and that’s why America is losing its spirit,” he says.

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