Maryland Imam Hails October 7 Jihad Massacre as ‘Great Victory’

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Islamic jihadis brutally murdered over 1,400 people in Israel on Oct. 7, and the more an appalled world learns about these attacks, the more the horror over them grows. Oct. 7 will be remembered throughout history as nothing less than one of the bloodiest massacres the world has ever seen. Even worse, we have seen Muslims and leftists all over the world celebrating these massacres, without the slightest concern for the human devastation they have caused. In Maryland, one imam is positively thrilled.


The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) recently posted excerpts from an Oct. 21 lecture by Mahmoud Abdel-Hady, a frail, white-bearded and wise-looking imam at Maryum Islamic Center in Ellicott City, Maryland. Abdel-Hady observed that before too long, Muslims will be triumphant, and not necessarily because of bloody massacres such as what the world witnessed on Oct. 7 at all.

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Soon, Abdel-Hady noted happily, Muslims and other people whom he claims are oppressed by the West “will be the ones in control of things.” This is, he explained, because “we are a greater number.” The demographics don’t lie: Abdel-Hady observed that given the relative birth rates, Muslims will before too long be in the majority in Europe. He explained that the Europeans are “in minus,” that is, that their birth rates aren’t even at replacement level, and European populations are declining.

Abdel-Hady is by no means the first to notice this. The historian Bernard Lewis said back in 2004 that Europe would be Islamic by the end of this century “at the latest.” Iranian army representative Abbas Mohammad Hassani said in 2019: “Childbearing in the current circumstances is considered a type of jihad and it would please the Almighty God.”

The apparent inevitability of that victory, however, hasn’t dulled Abdel-Hady’s taste for violent jihad. He went on to hail the Oct. 7 massacre as a “great victory,” likening it to the Tet Offensive in Vietnam in 1968, which, he said, shifted the Americans to the defensive and led ultimately to their defeat in Vietnam. And to be sure, if your holy book tells you to “kill them wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, cf. 9:5) and that the Jews are your worst enemies (Qur’an 5:82), you will likely see a massacre as horrifying as that of Oct. 7 as one for the win column.


What’s more, the global outpouring of support for the Palestinians and the alarming recrudescence of antisemitism is also a victory for Abdel-Hady and his friends. They can look with satisfaction on college and university campuses all over the country, where leftist students and professors have been expressing not just solidarity with the Palestinians against Israel, but even support for Hamas and praise for the massacre. 

The Hamas victory could now be made complete if the Biden regime and its globalist, socialist allies manage to prevail upon the Israelis to stop their operations in Gaza short of the stated goal of destroying Hamas utterly. After 9/11, there was tremendous outrage and a surge of patriotism among Americans, but that quickly dissipated. The idea that America needed to defend itself against the global jihad was lost to the extent that on the twentieth anniversary of those attacks, media coverage was more focused on Muslims as victims of alleged “Islamophobia” than on the ongoing jihad and its aims and goals. 

Al-Qaeda recently hailed 9/11 as a “Day of Victory.” The global jihad could be celebrating Oct. 7 as another such day if the West once again falls for the victimhood narrative and allows the focus to be shifted away from the real victims to concern for the allies of the perpetrators as they disseminate false claims of victimhood. If such tendencies prevail today, and they very easily could, Oct. 7 could become the occasion for renewed international pressure upon Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians that will supposedly pacify them and prevent this sort of thing from happening again. 


That has been the strategy of the U.S. and the West toward the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for decades, and although it has never, ever worked, no one with any power or influence seems to be in a reflective mood in the wake of Hamas’ murderous rampage. The same failed remedies and solutions (most notably the fabled “two-state solution”) are being recommended again. If there is not a massive reappraisal of the conflict and how it can best be approached, Abdel-Hady and his ilk will have many, many more victories to celebrate in the months and years to come.

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