Happy Halloween: The Spooky, Surreal Scene at the White House

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The scene at the White House Halloween event yesterday evening was beyond spooky.

Via Associated Press:

Gray skies and drizzle added a spooky element and books were as abundant as candy at Halloween eve trick-or-treating that President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden hosted at the White House.

Monday’s “Hallo-READ!” event featured book giveaways and story readings by the first lady, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, and authors.

The first lady showed her spirit by sporting feline ears, a tail and a black nose. She said she dressed as her cat, Willow

Jean-Pierre donned a halo and angel wings, saying she chose that over a devil costume.

After she finished reading, the president and first lady spent about 90 minutes welcoming children from local public schools and from military families, who were invited.

As the costume-clad kids walked up along the driveway, Biden dropped M&M’s or Hershey’s Kisses in little boxes stamped with the presidential seal into their bags or buckets. The first lady handed out books.

Jill Biden, who is a lifelong teacher, came up with the “Hallow-READ!” theme and a decor featuring famous literary characters, ghoulish tales and ghost story time, the White House said. A military band played instrumental versions of “Thriller,” “Monster Mash,” and other songs.


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(Note that the comments are now, by default, disabled on any video disseminated by the White House so as to save the administration the embarrassment of exhibiting the true feelings of the Biden regime’s constituents for all to see. It seems to me that such an act is unconstitutional as it functions as a form of censorship in circumvention of the First Amendment, but that’s a story for another day.)

Here’s a brief synopsis:

White House interns were directed to adorn the lawn in the most generic, kitschy Halloween getup possible.

The festivities opened with weird classical-style piano music, not Halloween-y at all.

Jill Biden, Brandon’s caretaker and the de facto business manager of the Biden Crime Family, appeared dressed as a cat, which she said was in homage to the family feline named Willow.

He assumed his position in the assembly line for his favorite thing: access to many, many small children, whose parents – despite the reams of publicly available evidence of the president molesting children right out in the open – inexplicably offered them up as human sacrifices at the altar of neoliberalism.

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Handlers in military garb chauffeured the children through the conga line to be fawned upon by the president. At the 5-minute mark, he takes a keen interest in a little girl in a bumblebee costume, stopping her for nearly half a minute to take her in.


It goes on, disturbingly, for some time.

And the Brandon entity was happier than a pig in slop.

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