Career socialist activist “pulling strings” on UAW strike, costing economy $7.7bn and 6,000 jobs

Career socialist activist “pulling strings” on UAW strike, costing economy $7.7bn and 6,000 jobs

The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against the “Big 3” American automakers – Ford, General Motors (GM), and Stellantis – is a product of “career socialist activists” whose priority is to keep the domestic auto industry “wounded for months,” according to the United Kingdom’s DailyMail Online.

Shawn Fain, UAW’s president, ordered a walkout of more than 30,000 workers across the Big 3 in what the media is describing as an “unprecedented round of industrial action” that, as of Monday, entered its 39th day.

The strike has reportedly already cost the U.S. economy $7.7 billion, as well as potentially 6,000 jobs. And Fain’s closest advisors have been dubbed “New York intellectuals” by critics because they are said to have little or no experience on factory floors like UAW members do.

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“Sources” who claim to have knowledge of the matter insist that the advisors steering the autoworker contract negotiations do not actually have union workers’ best interests at heart, and that there is another agenda at play underneath the surface.

“Many union members, who are earning just $500 a week strike pay, are also increasingly concerned that Fain’s war of attrition could do more harm than good,” the DailyMail Online reports.

(Related: Earlier this year, workers at a UK facility that manufactures weapons for Ukraine went on strike over pay issues, leaving Volodymyr “welfare queen” Zelensky without his promised arms.)

Last year, Fain received $350,000 from UAW

Often portraying himself as some kind of revolutionary leader, including by wearing shirts at union rallies that say things like “eat the rich,” Fain, 54, was narrowly elected to lead UAW back in March.


Last year, Fain was paid $350,000 in compensation for his services, which some would argue lands him in the same “rich” category as those he claims to be fighting – though, to be fair, the “rich,” in that context, are multi-millionaires and even multi-billionaires who hoard all the profits while depriving their hard workers of even a living wage.

This is why unions exist, after all: to defend and protect the wages of American workers, though many unions have been co-opted by far-leftists. Is Fain one such far-leftist, or does he see his $350,000 in compensation as fair for what he does?

Some of the other controversy surrounding Fain includes his firing of his closest advisers just weeks before he was elected as UAW’s president. Several of these advisers were veterans of the union and the auto industry at large, and they were replaced by Fain with socialist activists instead.

Fain also seems to have a career of social activism, having previously written and commented in news stories about the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign.

Leaked private messages and strategy documents suggest that Fain and his allies planned to launch this unprecedented strike action as part of a radical agenda that aims to “keep [car companies] wounded for months” – and to “purge” all union staff who disagree with this approach.

“Fain has deployed a new approach to the industrial action by gradually increasing the number of union members on strike, rather than calling for a full walkout immediately,” reports explain.

“The mastermind behind Fain’s approach is believed to be his de-facto chief of staff, Chris Brooks, 39, who has been nicknamed ‘Fain’s brain’ for his influence over the UAW leader.”

Brooks, who often appears alongside Fain at negotiations, is a left-leaning journalist, activist, and one-time member of the Bread & Roses caucus of Marxist organizers who work within the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) organization.

One issue that critics take with DSA in particular is its alleged sympathy towards some member of Hamas, the Israel-created terrorist group that staged a false flag attack on October 7 as a pretext for waging genocidal war against the people of Gaza.

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