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If you’re a regular PJ Media reader, you’ve no doubt already noticed that we’ve made some significant changes to the site today, starting with our color scheme. The teal is gone, replaced by our new patriotic colors, which are more in line with the other sites in the Townhall Media family.


But the changes are more than skin deep. Based on reader feedback, we’ve added a new “Columns” feature to the homepage that will be updated every time a new piece is posted in that section. You’ll now be able to see at a glance when your favorite writers have a new column up.

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We’ve also made it easier to find members-only VIP content on the homepage, and you can now quickly see which articles are trending. You’ll also see a bright red alert bar at the top of the page anytime there’s a breaking news story so you won’t miss these important updates. And we’ve added an authors section, where you can find all of our writers at the click of a button. 

There are also a lot of changes on the backend of the site—things you may not see but will notice as you use the site. For starters, it’s much faster than the old site with a seamless new user experience.

And speaking of seamless, we’ve got a cool new mobile app coming soon in November that will seamlessly integrate with your VIP account—and with all the Townhall Media sites.

We’re excited about these new changes and hope you’ll like them as much as we do! To celebrate, we’re offering a special deal on new VIP memberships. Use the promo code CELEBRATE for a 50% discount on an annual membership. That comes to around $2.00/month for a standard membership and $4.00/month for VIP GOLD, which gives you access to premium content at all the Townhall Media sites, including columns, podcasts, and live chats with your favorite writers. Join here.


The 2024 election is right around the corner and the stakes could not be higher. PJ Media will be here to bring you essential news and commentary as the election cycle unfolds. As always, many thanks to our VIP supporters. We couldn’t do this without you. We’re glad to have you on the team and hope more of you will join in. 1

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