Watch: CNN seemingly PRAISES Hamas’ hostage plan

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“The corporate press is the enemy of the people,” says Dave Rubin, and that includes CNN. A recent clip from the network shows one of the hosts seemingly praising Hamas’ treatment of its captives.

Her information comes from a recently freed hostage who reported that the underground network of tunnels beneath Gaza where she was kept had shampoo, antibiotics, medics and paramedics, feminine hygiene products, and a guard for every hostage. There were also communal eating areas and maps as well as ventilation and air conditioning, according to other reports.

“It is pretty stunning,” said the host, “because you’ve got to contrast that with what’s happening above the ground, right, where there isn’t water, never mind shampoo, okay? … There is no morphine for any kind of amputations … but Hamas stockpiled all of that underground.”

While it’s not an overt approval of Hamas, her tone and verbiage suggest that she is impressed with the terrorists’ treatment of their hostages.

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She even goes as far to say that “the level of preparation that went into [the hostage plan],” especially when it comes to “feminine hygiene products,” is “striking.”

On the other hand, she strongly implies she’s not impressed with “what’s happening above the ground,” aka Israel’s response to Hamas’ brutal attack.

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