Video: Black Hebrew Israelites and Palestinian supporters clash during pro-Gaza march in Chicago

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Thousands gathered for a pro-Palestine protest in Chicago on Saturday. However, a bizarre brouhaha erupted between Black Hebrew Israelites and Palestinian supporters.

An estimated crowd of 5,000 pro-Palestine demonstrators marched in Chicago’s Loop on Saturday afternoon demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war and that Palestine be freed.

The march supporting Gaza was reportedly organized by the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine – a self-described organization to “mobilize those who seek justice in protest of Israel’s violence against an innocent civilian population.”

During the march, a group of Black Hebrew Israelites and pro-Palestinian protesters physically clashed with each other.

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Tyler Pasciak LaRiviere – a visual journalist with the Chicago Sun-Times – said of the chaotic scene, “Well all hell broke loose between some of the Palestinian protesters and the Black Israelites. Police and organizers did their best to calm things down to varying degrees of success.”

LaRiviere said the two groups hurled sticks and bottles at each other. He added that one Black Hebrew Israelite was injured and taken away in an ambulance.

During the confrontation, someone launched fireworks.

Investigative journalist Angela Van Der Pluym posted the video on the X social media platform with the caption: “Black Israelites / Hebrews fight Pro-Hamas protesters in Chicago. FYI Black Hebrew Israelites believe they are the real Jews, and Jews like me are fake Khazarians. Did not have this on my 2023 bingo card.”

More than 7,000 pro-Palestine supporters demonstrated in New York City this weekend. The protesters shut down the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central Terminal.

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