Israeli leader calls for another DRESDEN & HIROSHIMA in Gaza: “Annihilate Gaza now!”

Israeli leader calls for another DRESDEN & HIROSHIMA in Gaza: “Annihilate Gaza now!”

In an appearance on Israeli television this week, Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin called for the complete “annihilation” of Gaza with an outcome of “destruction like Dresden and Hiroshima.”

“We still have not revenged in a biblical way,” Feiglin proclaimed, presumably referring to certain Old Testament stories wherein ancient Israelites eradicated all of their enemies. “We did not burn Gaza to ashes immediately.”

In no uncertain terms, Feiglin then proceeded to call for the mass slaughter of all 2.3 million residents of Gaza, nearly half of whom are children.

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“Create a tremendous humanity crisis,” Feiglin pronounced. “Level the entire area. Do not leave a stone upon stone in Gaza. Gaza needs to turn to Dresden. Annihilate Gaza now!”

A former member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, Feiglin is certainly not beating around the bush concerning what he believes needs to happen next to ensure Israel’s security in the region.

Stopping short of calling for the unleashing of a nuclear weapon on Gaza – probably because doing that would harm Israel, too – Feiglin wants everything else and the kitchen sink to be thrown at Palestine to level the territory immediately.

(Related: Just like they did to all criticisms of COVID “vaccines,” Big Tech social media giants are now censoring pro-Gaza posts, as well as posts that criticize Israeli leadership’s call to execute all Palestinians.)

Satellite imagery shows that Israel is already leveling entire city blocks throughout Gaza

Feiglin is just one man, of course, and not all of Israel, including the Israeli government, supports this kind of thing. On the other hand, what Feiglin is proposing appears to be exactly what Israel’s government is now trying to do.

Satellite imagery shared by France 24 this week showed massive destruction across large swaths of Gaza, where entire neighborhoods and city blocks have already been leveled in Israeli airstrikes – and the ground invasion has not even yet fully begun.


More than 7,000 Palestinians are said to have died thus far, including 3,000 children, a number far greater than all the Israelis who died on Oct. 7. To use the 9/11 comparison that the media and government love to use to talk about what Israel has suffered in all this, Gaza has so far seen the equivalent of hundreds of 9/11s occur in the past several weeks, all caused by Israel.

According to officials in Gaza, Feiglin has already gotten his wish in that Israel has already dropped 12,000 tons of explosives on the open-air concentration, which “is equivalent to the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan” in 1945.

Israel’s oldest reservist was filmed this week proudly ordering IDF soldiers to kill all Palestinian “families, mothers, and children,” including their own Palestinian neighbors living in Israel, in order to “erase the memory of them.”

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