Idaho woman sues fertility doctor for allegedly using his own sperm to inseminate her 34 years ago

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A woman in Idaho has decided to sue her one-time fertility doctor, claiming that he used his own sperm to inseminate her more than 30 years ago. The prevalence of such cases has rocketed since DNA tests have allowed people to learn more about their ancestry.

KIRO-TV reported that Sharon Hayes, 67, from Hauser, Idaho, stated in the lawsuit that she had sought for fertility care from Dr. David R. Claypool in 1989 after she and her husband were unsuccessful in conceiving a child.

Hayes wanted the donor to be anonymous, and she was told by Claypool that the donor would be selected based on the traits she chose, such as hair and eye color. The donor was also to be screened for any potential genetic issues that might arise. Claypool allegedly charged $100 cash for each of a number of treatments. He told Hayes that the money would go toward the college or medical students who had donated the sperm.

It was not until 2022 that her 33-year-old daughter, Brianna Hayes, discovered the identity of her biological father after sending in a DNA test to 23andMe.

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“It’s been an identity crisis, for sure,” she said. “This was hidden from me my whole life. I felt traumatized for my mom, and the fact that I’m a product of his actions is off-putting.”

One of the most shocking discoveries Brianna made was that she apparently has 16 other half-siblings living in the area. The report did not mention if any of the other women involved had filed lawsuits against Claypool.

The claims involved in Hayes’ case include fraud, failure to obtain consent in violation of state medical malpractice law, and violation of state consumer protection law, according to ABC News.

Brianna has apparently met several of her 16 half-siblings, but she has reportedly never met Claypool. The reason for her submitting a DNA test was to see if she could find any information that might help explain her childhood diagnosis of leukemia, an illness that apparently does not run on her mother’s side of the family.

Brianna said that her mother has struggled with the news, saying that “[s]he’s a puddle this morning,” adding that she “feels immense guilt for putting me in this situation. I told her, ‘This wasn’t you at all — you went through all the appropriate channels to do what you need to do. You were just being a mom, wanting to be a loving mother.'”

The report did not mention, specifically, what the Hayes family is seeking in the lawsuit.

An Idaho woman sues her fertility doctor, says he used his own sperm to impregnate her 34 years

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