VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out After Hamas Sympathizer Viciously Assaults Pro-Israel Protester Trying to Stop Another Scumbag from Burning Israel’s Flag During Pro-Hamas Rally at Tulane University

Credit: @gregprice

New Orleans, Louisiana – A brawl broke out Thursday during an unauthorized pro-Hamas rally at heavily Jewish Tulane University after a Hamas sympathizer viciously assaulted a pro-Israel protester.

As Tulane’s student-run newspaper The Tulane Hullaballo reported, the protest started after the group Tulane Students For Palestine posted an open letter on Instagram on Tuesday slamming Tulane’s response to the war, followed by a post promoting a rally for “Palestine.”

The group demanded that Tulane “denounce the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people,” “divest from Israeli occupation” and “protect Muslim and Arab Tulane students and others who speak out against Israel,” according to the paper.

The video, which was starts with two men standing on the bed of a truck as it moves through the crowd at a glacial pace. One individual is wearing a mask and flying a Palestinian flag on a pole while the other is trying to set Israel’s flag on fire.

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A man holding a Israel flag of his own notices this and attempts to stop the thug from burning the flag. But the pro-Hamas scumbag with Palestinian flag instead smacks him with the flagpole.

The Blaze notes that an audible thud is heard next and a brawl break out in the street.


Pro-Hamas protesters were also carrying banners that read, “From the River to the Sea Palestine Will Be Free,” a call for wiping out the Jewish state.

As Fox News reported, the pro-Israel protestor who tried to prevent the Israeli flag from being set ablaze was injured so badly he had by taken away in an ambulance.

Tulane University said two of their students sustained minor injuries following the fights. The school added two non-students were arrested as well.

Tulane’s President Michael A. Fitts said in statement the rally was not authorized by the school.

This rally was not approved or sanctioned by Tulane. There were approximately 40 plainclothes and uniformed New Orleans, Tulane, Loyola and State Police officers, including mounted police, who made arrests.

Tulane University is also heavily Jewish with over 40% of its student population affiliated with the religion as the Tulane Hullaballo notes. This makes this despicable “rally” even more unfathomable.

Freshman Gabriel Rudelman, one of the brawl’s witnesses, told the Tulane Hullaballo that he wanted to see what the commotion was all about.

“I’ve never seen antisemitism like that — I’ve heard of it and I’ve seen it on the news, but seeing it in person is scary,” Rudelman said. “It’s scary to be a Jew right now, even on a very Jewish campus.”

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