NYT columnist David French announces that he’s ‘leaving Twitter, for the indefinite future’

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New York Times columnist David French announced on Friday that he is departing from Twitter.

French described the social media platform — which has been rebranded X — as “a font of hatred, lies, and harassment.”

“The constant hatred and malice on this site is bad for the soul. The tsunami of lies and misinformation is bad for the mind. There was a time when Twitter still gave me some value. It helped me find some of the smartest and wisest voices in public life,” he wrote.

“But now it repeatedly boosts the worst and most thoughtless. I just can’t stay here in good conscience. I don’t begrudge anyone staying,” he wrote. “Real-time news is actually better reported and more accurate on news sites, Twitter is utterly irrelevant to promoting my pieces (typically fewer than one percent of readers come through Twitter), and most of the people I respect are also on other sites,” he added.

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French noted that people can follow him on Meta’s Threads social media platform.

In response to French’s announcement about leaving Twitter, Not the Bee quipped, “Are you willing to entertain cash offers to make sure you never come back?”

Babylon Bee managing editor Joel Berry sarcastically declared that “Twitter is a darker place without David French—the one man on this app whose righteousness truly exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees.” Berry also added, “May we all carry on his legacy and be just as disappointed in each other as he was with us.”

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