Greg Gutfeld Explains Pro-Hamas Protests on College Campuses: ‘You’re Witnessing a Hysteria’ (VIDEO)


On a recent episode of ‘The Five’ on FOX News, Greg Gutfeld broke down the completely insane pro-Hamas protests we have been seeing on college campuses.

Gutfeld correctly suggests that most college students today are living in a bubble on campus and are very susceptible to sloganeering.

Greg also does a great job breaking down how this situation fits into the leftist mind with terms like ‘resistance’ and others.

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Real Clear Politics provides a transcript:

GUTFELD: It’s not, this is not a protest movement. It is hysteria. You are witnessing a hysteria. It is a brainwashing effect when you look at how the seeds were planted and amplified by the oppression filter. You talk about the sloganeering, that is the linguistics, phrases like decolonization, you don’t even have to know what that means. Or resistance, calling terrorists resistance fighters.

But this — they are targeting a very susceptible group, and that is American college students, because they live in a plastic bubble. They are like a boy in the plastic bubble, I don’t know your member that will become a completely cut off from outside perspectives, and they refuse critical thinking because critical thinking is kind of an absolute philosophy. It is obviously racist, so now they can believe in anything, a man is a woman, a Jew is a Nazi. They are trying to create an artificial holocaust to cancel out the real one. I think that is what they are doing. Because they are trying to take away that power from the Jews.

The irony is that Hillary — I guess it was a couple weeks ago — claim that Trump supporters needed deprogramming. But it is actually large elements of the new members of their party that are suffering from really obvious brainwashing when you are seeing it around, you can tell it is a virus.

Here’s the video. Watch the whole thing or skip to the 7:00 mark for Greg’s comments:

It is a mind virus. These students have no idea how crazy (and scary) they appear to most people.

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