Biden’s Losing Support From His Own Party. Can You Guess Why?

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Joe Biden’s political problems are getting worse. He’s bleeding support from nonwhite voters, and younger people also appear to swinging away from him and toward Trump.

Once again, he’s finding his base eroding. According to a new poll from Gallup, Biden has experienced an 11-point drop in support from within his own party.

“President Joe Biden’s job approval rating among Democrats has tumbled 11 percentage points in the past month to 75%, the worst reading of his presidency from his own party,” reports Gallup. “This drop has pushed his overall approval rating down four points to 37%, matching his personal low.”

To put things in perspective, over the same time frame, his approval from independents declined only four points (to 35%), and his approval among Republicans remained the same (5%).

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So ask yourself, what has happened in the past month that has turned so many in his party against him more than independents and Republicans did?

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According to Gallup, it’s Biden’s public support of Israel following the surprise attack by Hamas terrorists. “Immediately after the attack, Biden pledged “rock solid and unwavering” support for Israel from the U.S., and he subsequently visited the country on Oct. 18 to reiterate that message,” explains Gallup’s Megan Brenan. “But Biden has faced criticism from some members of his party for aligning too closely with Israel and not doing enough for the Palestinians. Some prominent Democratic lawmakers and protesters around the U.S. have called for Biden to do more to help the millions of Palestinians who are in need of humanitarian aid as Israel attempts to eradicate Hamas.”

This makes perfect sense, especially given the context that earlier this year, “Democrats’ sympathies for the Palestinians outpaced those for the Israelis.” Brenan concedes that the survey wasn’t designed to determine the reason for the sharp decline of approval for Joe Biden within the Democratic Party, but “the daily results strongly suggest that Democrats’ approval of Biden fell sharply in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas and Biden’s promise of full support for Israel on the same day. Biden’s current 75% approval rating among Democrats is well below the 86% average from his own party throughout his presidency.”

While a significant portion of Democrats are clearly more sympathetic to Palestinians, recent polls have indicated greater support for Israel among Americans overall. A Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll found that 84% of respondents support Israel, with only 16% supporting Hamas. A recent CNN poll also showed that 71% of Americans believe that Israel’s actions against Hamas are justified, while only 8% think otherwise, and an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll revealed that 65% of Americans believe the United States should publicly support Israel, with substantial support from both Republicans (77%) and Democrats (69%). Only 8% of respondents think the U.S. should publicly criticize Israel.

Biden’s public support for Israel after the October 7 attacks by Hamas may have mainstream support, but it clearly caused a significant decline in approval among some in his own party, resulting in Democrats’ lowest assessment of the president since he took office. It’s not all that surprising, considering the way Barack Obama made anti-Semitism fashionable in his party. It’s no coincidence that the downward trend of sympathy for Israel in his party began during his presidency and experienced a sharp decline in the past year.

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