Why is American media so quick to embrace Palestinian propaganda?

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The American media refuses to call Nazis “Nazis” — unless, of course, it’s Donald Trump.

“Then they’ll call him Hitler,” Mark Levin says, before adding. “The greatest friend the Jews in Israel have ever known — Donald Trump. He’s Hitler.”

Meanwhile, the American media is spouting Hamas’ propaganda and questioning Israel’s right to defend itself against annihilation.

“Hamas plays the media like a fiddle,” Levin says, noting that if Hamas were the side that actually cared about the civilian casualties displayed all over the news, they wouldn’t have missile launching sites in hospitals, mosques, and elementary schools.

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“They spend the vast majority of their money building weapons and tunnels to kill Jewish people. They don’t care about the people; if they cared about the people, they wouldn’t be terrorists,” he adds.

Levin predicts that the American media won’t just play Hamas propaganda on repeat but will completely turn against Israel, “just as they covered up the Holocaust during World War II.”

While Hamas’ motivation is about the Jews, otherwise known to the media and liberals as “the occupiers,” he believes it’s about more than that.

The Quran tells its believers to “eliminate the Jews, to eliminate the Christians, to eliminate the atheists and the non-believers.”

And considering that, it’s no wonder Iran wants a nuclear weapon.

“Obviously to try and blow Israel off the face of the earth,” Levin says, before explaining that Joe Biden, who’s given billions to Iran, is one major figure to blame.

“He’s capitulated to the Hamas Nazi wing of his party, he’s funded Iran, he’s funded the Palestinians, he’s done everything he shouldn’t have done, and in that, he’s betrayed the people of Israel, just as he’s betraying the people of the United States.”

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