LA family says home intruder threatened to kill them because they’re Jewish, suspect yells ‘Free Palestine!’ during arrest

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A family in Los Angeles was allegedly terrorized by a home intruder who threatened to kill them because they were Jewish, according to an interview with the mother of the family.

The suspect was captured on video yelling, “Free Palestine!” over and over while being arrested after the incident.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it was contacted by a family at about 5:25 a.m. who said that an intruder had broken into their home in Studio City. They said they had four children with them and had locked themselves into one room.

Police said they were contacted a second time from the home and told the intruder threatened to kill the residents because they were “Israeli,” but it was unclear if that was an accurate description of their ethnicity.

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The LAPD said the family was shaken by the incident, but no one suffered a physical injury.

The wife of the family who said she was nine months pregnant spoke to KTLA-TV by phone about what happened.

She said that she heard the man trying to break into the main bedroom, and when he broke the door down, her husband fought with him while she frantically called police. She said that the intruder used anti-Semitic epithets against them during the altercation.

The husband was able to push the man back into their backyard where he remained until police arrived to arrest him, according to the woman.

The LAPD said he was armed with a kitchen knife, but the woman said she had not seen the knife during the fight. She also said that he was drunk at the time, while the LAPD indicated that he might have been under the influence of drugs.

KTLA was able to find garments outside the home that appeared to belong to the man. He was only partially clothed when he was arrested.

He also reportedly yelled, “Brown lives matter!”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, a Democrat, released a statement condemning the incident.

“The vile act of hate that took place this morning has no place in our City. In the wake of the terror and violence inflicted over the previous weeks, this is one of the worst fears of Jewish families across our country – hatred spilling across the threshold, destroying the sense of safety and sanctuary in a home,” said Bass.

“We remain steadfast in support of the Jewish people – the people of Los Angeles will not cower to hate. We will respond to it,” she added.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Studio city woman describes home invasion, suspect’s Antisemitic

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