HALF of all young men who got jabbed for COVID and developed myocarditis now have PERMANENT heart damage

HALF of all young men who got jabbed for COVID and developed myocarditis now have PERMANENT heart damage

In a recent appearance on Megyn Kelly’s podcast, Dr. Drew Pinsky talked about the “breathtaking” findings of a new study showing that 50 percent of all young men who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and developed myocarditis as a result now have a permanently damaged heart.

You may recall that public health authorities, after first insisting that the COVID jab-myocarditis link was a conspiracy theory, eventually fessed up to the fact that the Operation Warp Speed shots do, in fact, cause heart damage – but only temporarily, they claimed. We now know that they were lying about this, too.

“It took my breath away,” Dr. Drew told Kelly, expressing how perplexed he is that the study’s findings are not national news – watch the clip below:

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Dr. Drew says young men who were injured by COVID jabs should SUE any school that mandated them

Published in the journal Circulation, the study Dr. Drew referenced is “excellent,” appearing in what Dr. Drew described as “a major cardia cardiology journal” – meaning it is widely respected, as well as peer-reviewed.

“It’s a large study, and it showed that about approximately half of the young males that got myocarditis had permanent heart damage,” Dr. Drew stated.

“That means that we don’t know what percentage are going to be disabled by this as they get older or develop heart failure, or are going to need cardiac transplants, some of them. It’s breathtaking, this study. And why it wasn’t a big headline … I don’t understand why people aren’t reacting to it.”


As with most damning studies such as this, the mainstream media is burying it and pretending as though it does not even exist. Many of them promoted the things, after all, and to admit that they lied to the public would mean opening themselves up to widespread litigation.

“I think – put your legal head on for a second – that universities are going to be in big trouble for having mandated young people to get that vaccine because people are going to get sick, they’re going to have long-term consequences, and they should sue those schools for having forced them to take a medical intervention,” Dr. Drew said.

“One hundred percent they should sue.”

To young people who have not yet been jabbed for COVID but who are being told they have to in order to continue their education, Kelly urged them to purchase a fake vaccination card.

“If anybody tries to force you from this point forward [to get jabbed], get a fake card,” she said. “It’s not that hard. Go ahead, Google it, get a fake card. Don’t comply.”

Dr. Drew responded to this in seeming agreement, adding that there are other ways to keep oneself safe from disease than getting jabbed with an experimental drug.

“I’m just saying, [if] you have to say you’ve gotten a shot to get in, get a fake one,” Kelly continued. “Just Google it on the internet. It’s b******t. If they’re going to create these b******t rules, you can create your b******t way around them.”

More of the latest news about the after-effects of Operation Warp Speed can be found at ChemicalViolence.com.

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