Detroit synagogue president found fatally STABBED, but White House claims there’s no rise in anti-Semitism

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A Detroit synagogue president was found fatally stabbed outside her home Saturday morning — but the White House continues to claim there are “no credible threats” against Jewish Americans.

The woman was Samantha Woll, 40, who led the congregation of Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. Glenn Beck is frustrated that the media, while it is reporting on it, isn’t getting the story straight.

“Here’s the thing. Our job is to try to get the story right, and you cannot get the story right if you are rushing to publish,” Glenn says.

“I could easily come on the air and play all the clips that Tlaib is spreading the lies of Israel. She is just spreading lie after lie after lie against Israel. And then I could tell you about the pro-Palestinian marches in Dearborn right next door, then tell you a Jewish woman was murdered.”

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“I mean, it’s pretty easy to paint that picture,” he says, adding, “but that kind of picture riles people up into mobs.”

Glenn notes that while we can’t jump to conclusions, he will continue following this story.

“We have to remain clear eyed and vigilant. We have to wait and see,” he says.

In a Fox News article by Jonathan Turley, he explains why jumping to conclusions during such a divisive time in our nation’s history is a dangerous issue.

He cites a poll from the University of Virginia Center for Politics that he writes “shows a nation at war with itself.”

According to this poll, 52% of Biden supporters say Republicans are now a threat to American life while 47% of Trump supporters say the same about Democrats.

But that’s not the worst of it. Within the Biden supporters, 41% believed violence is justified to “stop Republicans from achieving their goals” while 38% of Trump voters believe the same about Democrats.

“That doesn’t lead anywhere good,” Glenn warns.

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