Why JEWS are calling for PEACE and a halting of Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people

Why JEWS are calling for PEACE and a halting of Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people

The Jewish group Jewish Voice for Peace is speaking out against Israel’s decision to open “the gates of hell” on Gaza in response to the Hamas false flag attack that occurred on October 7.

Calling the Israeli government’s next move “a genocidal war on Palestinians in Gaza,” Jewish Voice for Peace warns that Israel’s plan to wipe out millions of “human animals” – this is what the Israeli government continues to call the Semitic people it hates who live in the Gaza Strip – must be stopped.

Ever since the Hamas incident, the Israeli military has been shamelessly salivating over the prospect of ethnically cleansing Gaza, which is currently home to around 2.3 million Palestinian people.

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“The Israeli military has launched non-stop airstrikes and bombing over Gaza,” Jewish Voice for Peace explains. “Our partners tell us of entire neighborhoods being flattened, schools and hospitals being bombed, apartment buildings being brought down.”

“The Israeli government has shut off all electricity to Gaza. Hospitals cannot save lives, the internet will collapse, people will have no phones to communicate with the outside world. Gaza will be plunged into darkness as Israel turns its neighborhoods to rubble.”

Perhaps the most disturbing part of all this is the shameless pride the Israeli government has in openly declaring its plans to commit genocide against its enemies, whom it proceeded to displace out of the land called “Israel” back when the British government issued its Balfour Declaration in 1917.

“Still worse, Israel has openly stated an intention to commit mass atrocities and even genocide, with Prime Minister Netanyahu saying the Israeli response will ‘reverberate for generations,” Jewish Voice for Peace warns.


“All of this with the full throated support of the U.S.”

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Israel clearly wants to ANNEX the Gaza Strip, stealing the remainder of what was left following its colonizing takeover in 1948

In case you missed it, the Israeli military recently ordered all civilians living in the northern part of Gaza – this amounts to about one million people, half a million of whom are children – to migrate south, giving them just 24 hours to do so.

Many, including the United Nations (UN), are speaking out in horror about this demand, which is simply not possible, based on the circumstances.

“According to the UN, it is impossible to evacuate everyone with power supplies cut and food and water in the Palestinian enclave running short after Israel placed Gaza under total siege,” Jewish Voice for Peace says. “The UN said this invasion would have ‘devastating humanitarian consequences.'”

Keep in mind that for the past 16 years, the roughly 2.3 million people who were forced into the Gaza Strip by Israel have had to live in relative squalor. The most densely populated area in the world – Gaza has been likened to an open-air concentration camp – the Gaza Strip has been in the crosshairs of Israel for annexation for many years.

Similar to the situation in Maui, where “wildfires” burned down pretty much the entire town of Lahaina as part of a directed energy weapon (DEW) takeover by the “elites,” Gaza is a strip of land that abuts the Mediterranean Sea, making it prime real estate.

“We shudder to think what will happen if the north is vacated: Israel could annex the territory,” warns Jewish Voice for Peace. “Another Nakba could be imminent.”

Jewish Voice for Peace is encouraging other fellow supporters of peace to contact Congress and demand an immediate ceasefire for the sake of the 2.3 million lives that are now at stake at the hands of Israel.

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