Attorney For Illinois Comptroller Office Fired Over Anti-Semitic Rants On Social Media


An attorney who works for the Illinois State Comptroller’s office was fired for anti-Semitic rants on social media.

The attorney, Sarah Chowdhury sent private messages to an Instagram account named “Big Law Boiz.” This account was run by a Jewish lawyer who posts memes. She had written some very cruel statements including: “Hitler should have eradicated all of you.” Another statement: ” “Hopefully someone sends you anthrax or poison and you die a slow terrible death.”

Comptroller Susana Mendoza was informed of the incident on Thursday and contacted Chowdbury the same day. After she admitted to writing those statements, she was fired from her position. The South Asian Law Association also terminated her position which she was the president of the group.

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New York Post reported:

An attorney serving in the Illinois state Comptroller’s Office has been fired for an antisemitic tirade in which she told a Jewish person that she wanted them to face the gas chamber and said, “Hitler should have eradicated all of you.”

Sarah Chowdhury referred to Jews as “vermin” and said “all Zionists should pay” in private messages with an Instagram account called Big Law Boiz.

Other messages, which the Instagram user screenshotted and were later posted to X, included, “Hopefully someone sends you anthrax or poison and you die a slow terrible death.”

In the messages, she also said, “I’d rather put you in a gas chamber” and “Hitler should have eradicated all of you.”

Chowdhury apologized for her rant and also apologized to the person she sent the messages to. Probably too little too late with a job loss and a tarnished reputation.


There has been a major increase in anti-Semitic behavior since Hamas attacked Israel earlier this month. The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday about a New York woman who was tearing down flyers of innocent Israelis who were being held hostage.

An unidentified woman in Brooklyn this past week tore down posters of Israeli hostages.

This area of Brooklyn has a large population of Orthodox Jews. The woman is seen taking down the flyers one at a time and is confronted by a man who asks her: “Hey, hey, what are you doing?” Without acknowledging him, she continues to tear down the flyers, crumbles them, and discards them on the ground.

After telling the woman of the innocence of these hostages, she condescendingly replies to him: “Yeah, they’re innocent.” She eventually becomes frustrated with the man and aggressively puts the papers in front of his camera and walks away with the man she is with.

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